Ronan Keating - Destination

Ronan Keating - Destination
RONAN KEATING has just turned 25 and has already sold more than 16 million albums! But for Ronan, the adventure is only just beginning as he opens the latest chapter in an already monumentally successful career.

'DESTINATION', set for release on the 3rd of June, is Ronan's sixth album (second solo) but in many ways it's a new beginning. Upon hearing 'Destination', memories of teen pop are instantly banished by a string of breezy, summery tunes that blur the boundaries between pop and rock.

Above all, Ronan's voice comes alive as never before. The strength of his singing will surprise fans and cynics alike - it's almost like hearing a new artist for the first time. The strength of the songs, which were mostly co-written and produced by Gregg Alexander and Rick Nowles, speaks for itself.

Infectious up-tempo numbers like 'Love Don't Work (If We Don't Try)', pencilled in as a future single, 'Come Be My Baby' and 'I Love It When We Do'. Moody tempo songs like 'My One Thing That's Real' and 'As Much As I Can Give You Girl'. And, of course, some bid ballads: 'Time For Love', 'The Long Goodbye' and the first single, 'If Tomorrow Never Comes.'

Here we take a closer look at 'Destination' track by track.

I LOVE THE WAY WE DO - A punchy, upbeat opener that sets the tone for the album.

LOVE WON'T WORK (IF WE DON'T TRY) - Another infectious slice of pop rock, featuring an irresistible call-and-response chorus. Earmarked as the second single.

IF TOMORROW NEVER COMES - A Big Ballad with a soppy sentimental lyric that was a huge hit for country superstar Garth Brooks (who wrote it with Kent Blazy).

COME ON BABY - A shuffling beat-driven intro leads into another breeze rocker with a contagious chorus.

LOVIN' EACH DAY - Already a hit (April 2001) and positive proof that Ronan rocks.

MY ONE THING THAT'S REAL - A mid-tempo number that showcases a vocal so different from the Ronan of Boyzone that old fans may have to check the booklet for confirmation.

TIME FOR LOVE - An exquisite ballad that folds itself around the listener like velvet and featuring what is surely Ronan's best ever-vocal performance.

BLOWN AWAY - A little bit funky with a versatile vocal. Resembles 'Rollercoaster' and is a punchy, uptempo single that entertains you.

AS MUCH AS I CAN GIVE YOU GIRL - A moody mid-tempo number with a shuffling rhythm and an inspired vocal.

YOU'RE PICKIN' ME UP - Fuelled by jaunty bar room piano and an insistent chant, this is probably the least Ronan-like song on the album, with a sprawling lyric full of topical references, recalling REM's 'It's The End Of The World As We Know It.'

JOY AND PAIN - Ronan co-wrote this great song with Bill and Gem from the Wise Buddah Productions Team. It's got a great vibe!

THE LONG GOODBYE - Written by Ronan and Irish songwriter Paul Brady, it is currently a US hit for country duo Brooks and Dun.

Ensure you go and grab yourself a copy of Ronan's "DESTINATION" album - you won't be disappointed!

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