George's Secret Key to the Universe

George's Secret Key to the Universe

An exciting new book for anyone who ever looked into the skies and wondered about the origins of the universe; about time and space; about the structure of comets, planets, black holes and suns....

George's Secret Key to the Universe is a gripping rollercoaster ride through the vastness of space and in the midst of an exciting adventure, enables readers to discover the mysteries of physics, science and the universe.

George and his new friends, the scientist Eric and his daughter Annie, are taken to the edge of a black hole by the super-intelligent computer called Cosmos.

Can Cosmos bring them back again?
And who else would like to get their hands on the super smart computer?

The book is illustrated throughout with black and white pictures by Garry Parsons, which enhances the story, and full colour photos of some of the most amazing sights in space, including solar flares and the sun, exploding stars, nebulae, spiral galaxies and other fascinating real images.

George's Secret Key to the Universe is the first book in a trilogy that will appeal to girls and boys aged 9+. And any parents, teachers or librarians who have struggled with answering questions from children on any of the universe topics.

Stephen Hawking is the Lucasian Professor of Mathematics and Theoretical Physics at the University of Cambridge and is widely regarded as one of the most brilliant theoretical physicists since Einstein. His adult book, A brief history of time, has been a publishing sensation.

Lucy Hawking is the author of two adult novels, and has written for The Daily Mail, The Telegraph, The Times and The Evening Standard and has been a guest presenter and regular contributor on radio.

George's Secret Key to the Universe
Random House Australia
Author: Stephen Hawking & Lucy Hawking
ISBN: 9780385612708
RRP: $27.95