Germaine de Capuccini's For Men Range

Germaine de Capuccini's For Men Range

Germaine de Capuccini's For Men Range

Beer, slippers, socks, and jocks – you'd better start stocking up. But does dad really want the same thing every year? Maybe not.


With more and more men taking their skin care seriously, Germaine de Capuccini's For Men range is perfect alternative.

For Men has been specifically formulated for men's tougher skin and it is also extremely effective on aged, stressed, damaged and oily skin.


With a crisp, fresh fragrance all products in the range are infused with natural oils, minerals and vitamins such as birch sap, trace elements, olive leaf extract and Vitamin C and are extra absorbent.


The packaging has been designed specifically for men's tastes, with sleek, stylish and clean lines.


For Men consists of individual full size products, and for the jet-setting dad a great 3-pack travel kit, which is also perfect for his gym bag, brief case or overnight bag.


So this year treat your dad in style with Germaine de Capuccini's For Men. It might just be his best gift yet.


Selection of Products from the For Men range


Force Revive - $143.50

An ultra-concentrated formula that prevents the signs of stress damage to the skin. The use of zinc-gylcine complex and vitamin C allows the skin to regenerate and repair itself, while eliminating any signs of wrinkles.


Energy Eyes – RRP: $77.00

An instant anti-fatigue eye serum. The exquisite formula of micro-dermoxine complex and hyaluronic acid, aids the reduction of puffiness and anti-expression wrinkles situated around the eyes. Giving the eyes a lifted and revitalised effect, the energy eyes roll on is perfect for maintaining a smooth and toned eye contour. 


Energy Extreme Mask – RRP: $67.00

The anti-aging formula concentrates new-generation ingredients including birch sap and oxidefence that combine together to create hydrated and toned skin. This quick-fix product restores energy to the face and eliminates signs of fatigue in 10 minutes.


Travel Kit – 30ml – RRP: $67.00

Supreme Shave is perfect for those Dads with dry, delicate skin or a rough, tough beard. It is an extra-rich cream that is soothing and anti-irritating.

Finish Shave works on the skin by exerting an express soothing effect. It restores the skin to its natural balance, making it the perfect sidekick for all dads, hairy or hairless. 

Hydra Elements rehydrates and tones the skin, and renews the energy balance to promote a healthy and rejuvenated complexion.

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