Get Summer Ready Skin

Get Summer Ready Skin

The Simple Way to Get Summer Ready Skin

by Beauty Guru at, Raisa Lorenza

The ultimate cleansing philosophy that only takes minutes out of your day and a few dollars out of your wallet to get glowing results. Dry body brushing is one of the best beauty tricks around and here is why…

First, what is dry body brushing?

Using a dry, natural brush, long and pressured strokes are applied on the full body. The simple technique dates back to the ancient times and brings about various effective beauty benefits including:

1. Exfoliation
Due to the gentle yet coarse bristles on the brush, it enables the removal of dry and dead skin cells that are lodged on the skin's surface, leaving you with fresh and smooth skin. A worthwhile beauty product to have handy prior to the application of fake tan. However, its benefits don't stop there, the brush also targets blocked pores and keratosis pilaris and aids in the elimination of awful ingrown hairs.

2. Lymphatic Drainage and Better Circulation
Who would've thought a brush would do wonders for your lymphatic system? Lymph is a fluid in our bodies which helps to remove toxins and waste and is also linked to blood circulation. The movement of the bristles from the brush on the body stimulates and encourages better blood flow, boosting the lymphatic system.

3. Reduces Cellulite
Due to the lymphatic system and circulation support encouraged by the brush bristles, the reduction of cellulite is also targeted. Cellulite can be caused by numerous factors, with one being as the result of fatty deposits in connective tissue. Although dry body brushing cannot remove cellulite completely, it can boost the break down of deposits and elimination of excess fluids in conjunction with its lymphatic massage, reducing the appearance of cellulite and leaving the skin feeling more firm, tight, plump and smooth.

4. Natural Energy Boost
The fluid, long pressurised strokes help to stimulate the nervous system and promote blood flow, which in return boosts energy levels. Subsequently, it is recommended you perform your dry body brushing routine first thing in the morning. Remember to shower after your dry body brush to wash away any dead skin skills and apply your favourite moisturiser or lotion after to keep the skin smooth and soft.

Quick How To:
• Take a wooden, natural fibre body brush such as the ESPA Skin Brush. Made from natural bristles from Mexican cactus plants, the ESPA Skin Brush is perfect for deeply massaging and cleansing.
• Using long, smooth stokes, take the body brush and move over your skin, starting at your feet and moving upwards towards your heart. Be careful not to 'scrub' the skin, long even stokes are best for your circulation and lymphatic system.
• Vary pressure depending on the sensitivity of your skin. If your skin is particularly delicate, use a lighter hand when body brushing.
• Follow your body brush routine with a bath or shower to cleanse the skin.
• After cleansing, replenish the moisture your skin may have lost with a rich, soothing body moisturiser. We love using the La Roche Posay Intense Repair Moisturising Cream after thorough exfoliation to nourish and protect the skin.

Now you know the secret to healthy, smooth glowing skin for summer be sure to purchase's recommended ESPA Skin Brush and  La Roche Posay Intense Repair Moisturising Cream to achieve those summer skin goals.