Hannah Montana Complete Season 1 DVD

Hannah Montana Complete Season 1 DVD

See it from the start: Hannah Montana - Complete Season 1 on Disney DVD

There's just one catch to Miley Stewart's life - there's nothing normal about it!

Put your hands together, y'all, for the hottest teen pop sensation . . . Hannah Montana! From 5 November 2008, you can own the complete first season of this smash-hit Disney Channel original series on Disney DVD.

HANNAH MONTANA - COMPLETE SEASON 1 is a four-disc set with the first season's 26 episodes plus rockin' bonus features that take you inside Miley Cyrus' exciting world.

Hannah Montana is the hippest 14-year-old who just happens to be leading a double life. As everyone's favourite pop princess, she lives the rock star dream with cool concerts, limos and a huge closet full of the latest styles. But she is also simply sweet Miley Stewart - the new kid in town who just wants to be a typical teen.

Miley has all sorts of hilarious adventures as she follows her dreams and tries to keep her identity a secret. With the help of her family and friends she learns that above all, she must always be true to herself.

The new HANNAH MONTANA - COMPLETE SEASON 1 Disney DVD shows the audition of 12-year-old Miley Cyrus for the role that shot her to stardom. Bonus features also include an interview with Miley, performances from her live concert and a day in the life of Miley with her family and co-stars.

Don't miss out when this stand-out release hits the shelves on 5 November 2008. It's a must-have for any tween DVD collection, providing more than nine hours of entertainment!

Hannah Montana - Complete Season 1
Rated: G
RRP $49.95.

Available to own on Disney DVD: 5 November 2008