Harriet Bright Holiday Hullabaloo

Harriet Bright: Holiday Hullabaloo

Harriet Bright is going to have the best holiday ever.
As soon as:
one: She gets rid of the 6840 seconds that stand between her and Christmas
two: Her summer holiday friend Gracie Marshall is out of her life.
three: She saves Pluto from being dwarfed.
four: She and Melly Fanshawe star in the story of the very best holiday ever!

Unitl then, she's in a real hullabaloo.
Meet the clever and zany Harriet Bright - a poet (don't you know it) who will get into your head and whisk you away on adventures.

Claire Craig wanted to be an archaeologist when she grew up. Instead, she became a book editor. After writing several non-fiction titles for children, and some fiction readers for non-native speakers of English, she began writing stories about a nine-year-old girl who wanted to be a poet when she grew up. Claire is currently the Children's Publisher at Pan Macmillan.

Melanie Feddersen is a well-known illustrator and designer. She also illustrated and designed the first Harriet Bright book, published by Pan Macmillan. Her illustrations and font play are quirky, typographical and full of character and fun.

Harriet Bright: Holiday Hullabaloo
Penguin Australia
Author: Claire Craig
Illustrator: Melanie Feddersen
ISBN: 9780143305071
Price: $14.95