5 teenagers. 5 secrets. 1 game.
Will lives be ruined or is it just headgames?

'I swear to tell the truth or do the dare, whatever it costs.'

Steven thinks he can win the game and get the girl
Connor thinks the truth will set them free
Jude's got a chip on both shoulders
Averys's not who anyone thinks she is
Tala thinks his secret is worse than any dare

Everyone has secrets. It's what you do with them that matters.

Steven Byrd is highly intelligent but he's just not very smart. He's obsessed with a girl who can't stand him- Avery Adams. When Steven discovers Avery is involved in a secret game he decides he has to be involved and drags his best mate, Tala, along for the ride. Steven laughs when he finally hears what the game is- until he thinks about the other players. Avery has had plenty of practice at twisting the knife to hurt Steven. Connor Robson is rumoured to have been in juvenile detention and Connor's half-sister Jude's hostility could break glass. A silly kids' game can get serious very quickly when you let other people inside your head.

Headgames is a wonderful new Australia young adult novel. Queensland-based author Casey Lever doesn't shy away from the issues that teens face everyday such as growing up, sexuality, family, peer pressure and honesty, but she maintains a strong emphasis on friendship and overcoming challenges throughout the novel. Her writing is raw and insightful with great appeal for both male and female readers. This new contemporary novel from a talented author will be much enjoyed by teens, their parents, teachers and librarians across Australia.

Casey Lever is the author of five novels for teenagers. She lives with her husband and two daughters in Ipswich, west of Brisbane, where she works as an English teacher at a private girl's school.

Review: Every teenager should read this for a little insight.

Random House Australia
Author: Casey Lever
ISBN: 9781741663532
Price: $18.95