Hi-5 Alive

Sing, Dance, Come Alive, So Much Fun With Hi-5!

Hi-5 Five Alive

Roadshow Entertainment want you to take a deep breath and get ready to move because the gang from Hi-5 are ready to deliver to you their most energetic video ever - Hi-5 FIVE ALIVE.

Packed with lots of colour, entertainment and educational facets, Hi-5 FIVE ALIVE is an action-packed adventure through the heart-pumping world of movement, dance and fun activities.

So get ready to join Kellie, Kathleen, Charli, Tim and Nathan to gear up for a high-impact imagination work-out where you will charge around a shape obstacle course, dodge and weave your way around a football field and wiggle your Gluteus Maximus! The gang from Hi-5 will also have you marching to a whole new beat and soaring with a sunflower fairy way up high! It's all part of the crazy, magical ride that is Hi-5 FIVE ALIVE.

Hi-5 FIVE ALIVE also includes a number of your favourite songs to sing and dance to including "Boom Boom Beat", "Friends Forever" and "Rain Rain Go Away".

Hi-5 - FIVE ALIVE is rated G with a running time of approximately 50 minutes.

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