Hi-5 Travelling Circus DVD

Roll Up Roll Up

Get on the road with Hi-5's tavelling circus!

See the whole troupe perform fantastical feats under Hi-5's big top of fun!

Clown around with Charli, and gase in wonder as Kellie walks the plank.

Razzle Dazzle and dance with Kathleen, then join Nathan for a road trip in his extraordinary caravan.

Go on a journey with Tim on his magical mystery holiday.

Hi-5 Travelling Circus is an extravaganza of excitement and adventure. So step right up with your favourite Hi-5 frends and let's get on with the show.

Featured Songs:
* Pretending day
* Are we there yet
* Hey, what's cooking

Hi-5 is created and produced by Helena Harris and Posie Graeme-Evans through company Kids Like Us.

Hi-5 creaters and presenters aim to reach young children using a range of learning styles that hold attention span of young minds. Using role play, music and bring fun into learning Hi-5 have changed children's TV. Their use of music and repetitive learning techniques are subtle for both children and parents so you neither of you will tire of their DVDs. They are encourage positive messages of sharing, education, trying new things, the importance of friendship & family and much more. Their songs are catchy and could easily replace traditional nursery rhymes. Watch our parents you'll be singing along.

About Hi-5 Segments:

The visual and spatial awareness segment: Shapes In Space
Nathan's focus is on exploring shape, colour and pattern using all kinds of materials such as coloured boxes, play-dough, everyday furniture and even the body.

The logical thinking and mathematics segment: Puzzles and Patterns
Kathleen is particularly interested in numbers, puzzles and mazes, sorting things and drawing wonderful patterns. Problem solving is made fun.

The musicality segment: Making Music
In the music area Tim focuses on musical concepts such as beat, rhythm, pitch and melody. His aim is to introduce children to great new songs and rhythms using a variety of "instruments".

Linguistic and aural skills segment: Word Play
Kellie explores the world of language and sounds. Through stories, rhymes and games she will encourage awareness of language use.

The physical/motor development segment: Body-Move!
Charli specialises in fun movement and co-ordination skills. Along with the general party atmosphere of the program, the songs and rhymes in this segment will encourage children to stretch, hop, skip, jump, balance, clap, throw, crawl and twist.

The self-awareness and social skills segment: Sharing Stories
In this segment the Hi-5 team works together to explore emotions and interpersonal interactions through light-hearted story and drama. It provides a time for reflective entertainment, during which children can identify with the feeling and situation presented.

Musical integration of Hi-5 segments
Music is used to integrate all the different areas of Hi-5. Whilst it will always be fun and entertaining, the music itself will also highlight the concepts and themes of each program.

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