Scorpio's Horoscopes |



Born between: Oct 23rd - Nov 21st

Scorpios are emotional and passionate which ensures they have strong relationships. They are often confident and determined; yet, their emotional and secretive nature can cause them to be jealous and misunderstood.

A certain person seems to want your attention and won't be very pleased if you are unavailable. They might play some emotional games with you or engineer a mini drama so you have to take notice of them. There could also be a hint of possessiveness in the air, and unfortunately you will be just as prone to this as your partner. Try to work out what's making you feel so insecure, so you know whether it's justified or simply a fleeting mood. Dynamic colors are crimson and tartan. Lucky numbers are 26 and 42.
The Moon in your sign captures your imagination and sets it on fire today. It occupies a lot of your thoughts and making you feel really excited, and it's almost impossible not to tell everyone all about it. However, it's important that you know when to shut up and let others have their say. If you're currently planning some long-distance travel, this is a good day to check that all the arrangements are running smoothly. Auspicious colors are silver and mauve. Lucky numbers are 28 and 9.
The more open minded you are, the easier it will be to spot good ideas when they come along now. Some of these brainwaves could be quite revolutionary or futuristic, which is why you need to clear your mind of preconceived ideas. You might also become very engrossed in a humanitarian or environmental project that's intended to make the world a better place. Ideal colors are mango and teal blue. Lucky numbers are 2 and 4.
If your energy levels have been dwindling with the Moon in your 12th house of solitude, honor your need for rest. It is time to recharge your spiritual batteries, and give yourself an extra boost as Venus turns direct after weeks of retro motion. With intense planetary energy in your house of subconscious matters, you may be receiving more psychic impressions than you are comfortable with. Joint income and social status through partnership are issues likely to surface this month, as Venus leaves the station. It's intense! Liberating colors are azure and kiwifruit. Lucky numbers are 12 and 17.
Mercury's move to your mid-heaven is likely to increase your communications with superiors, clients (and a parent), as does the potential for having to comply with government regulations or those imposed by some similar authority. Find a public forum of some kind in which to express your ideas or share your knowledge and skills. You are likely to hear some salacious or intriguing gossip today, but should you believe it? Positive colors are apricot and tan. Lucky numbers are 10 and 11.
Someone may want to tick you off about something or tell you about some of the injustices of the world, but you'll soon decide that a little of this goes a long way. Try to save the situation by appealing to their sense of humor, although this doesn't mean ridiculing or making fun of their opinions. Auspicious colors are ruby red and sapphire blue. Lucky numbers are 8 and 2.
Is it your imagination or is a friend a little too pushy today? Of course, he or she may be saying the same thing about you, and it's likely that you're both trying to gain the upper hand. So what's going on? Try to avoid getting caught up in a power game or personality clash which could bring out the worst in both of you. Are the stakes really that high or important? Positive colors are violet and bright pink. Lucky numbers are 7 and 55.
Push ahead with your ambitions and goals, Scorpio. You'll have something to show for all your hard work then, but avoid becoming so ambitious that you're prepared to tread on people's toes or push them aside in order to get what you want. Such ruthless actions will backfire on you. Fortunate colors are onyx and lilac. Lucky numbers are 36 and 47.
You're in great form when it comes to using your brain today. Intellectual pursuits will see you shine, helped by the fact that you can get right into whatever you're doing. Expect your thoughts to take an inventive turn, too, as you approach old problems from new angles. It's a good day to see the world in a completely different way. Beneficial colors are bright gold and dark orange. Lucky numbers are 9 and 67.
It's time to spread your wings, especially if this means pushing the boundaries of your life and heading for pastures new. The Solstice marks the turning point of the year, so during the next four weeks you could be involved in an exciting adventure or branch out in a new direction. You should certainly jump at the opportunities that will come your way, and grab them with both hands. Stabilizing colors are almond and silvery blue. Lucky numbers are 9 and 11.
Don't be in too much of a hurry to get things done today, because it's easy to make a mess of them. Much better to slow down a bit, although this may be easier said than done. Keep a watchful eye open for someone whose nose will be pushed out of joint if you say anything offensive or controversial. Tempers could easily flare. Beneficial colors are ultramarine and toffee. Lucky numbers are 33 and 6.
Today's New Moon is giving you the chance to do something constructive about a relationship that has been fraught and troubled lately - especially if you can admit that you might have made a few mistakes lately. This is no time to bear grudges or to point the finger of blame. Instead, you need to learn from past experience and move together into a brighter and more loving future. Advantageous colors are white carnation and crimson. Lucky numbers are 19 and 22.
Filled with curiosity about the world? The cosmos inclines you to learn more during the next few weeks. So how are you going to do this? Surround yourself with books, surf the net or get involved in some penetrating discussions with other people. Do your best to keep an open mind, even if you're hearing things that go against the grain. Dynamic colors are tangerine and silver. Lucky numbers are 28 and 45.
Someone is gripped by the urge to bare their soul today, so be prepared for some rather intimate facts to emerge. The cosmos is in a chatty mood so you might be pinned to your seat for rather a long time. You might also struggle to get a word in edgeways half the time, so resign yourself to being a captive audience. Favourable colors are avocado and aubergine. Lucky numbers are 16 and 39.
Why not get together with friends and loved ones, Scorp? Give them a ring if you haven't seen them in a while and arrange to meet up as soon as possible. Don't forget to consult yuour significant other if you're planning it at your palce! The only snag could be if you're involved in a discussion and you're convinced you are right and everyone else is wrong. Haven't we been here before? Beneficial colors are pumpkin and warm brown. Lucky numbers are 38 and 37.
Conversations quickly become polarized today, with you on one side of the fence and someone else on the other. Once you take sides like this it is almost impossible to find a middle ground, because you'll both be too proud or stubborn to admit that you might be in the wrong. Even if you become entrenched in your own opinion, at least accept that you might change your mind about it at a later date. This isn't a day to be pig headed. Auspicious colors are pistachio and lavender. Lucky numbers are 32 and 57.
Make the most of today's practical and realistic attitude, especially if you now realize that you were mentally on the run yesterday. You're ready to look difficult situations in the face, and also to discuss them with people who might be able to help. This is also a good day for getting involved in a campaign or crusade that means a lot to you, or which aims to improve the world. Beneficial colors are marmalade and brilliant white. Lucky numbers are 11 and 52.
Is there a tendency to gloss over anything unpleasant or harsh today, Scorpio? Well, you surely don't have the stomach for it. There's a chance that you may be escaping from facts that you need to acknowledge, so you can do something about them. Do your best to face up to them another day, so this temporary escapism doesn't cause you problems or embarrassment. Lucky colors are cream and sable. Lucky numbers are 19 and 10.
The celestials are dumping some emotional upheavals on you now, so it's important to talk about your feelings today. Choose your confidant wisely, because when you reveal private and personal things you need to know they're listening carefully. Be honest about your feelings, or it could be a waste of time. Harmonious colors are mango and burgundy. Lucky numbers are 1 and 45.
Jupiter's move to Gemini brings a new phase with joint income, investments, collection of debts, taxes, insurance, and the settlement of inheritance. Requests for financial assistance are likely to be favored. Progress is easier with respect to analysis, investigation, or research. Enjoyment will be felt on a deeper level, as much from psychological satisfaction as physical gratification. Harmonious colors are tan and ebony. Lucky numbers are 8 and 62.
Someone has some great ideas today, or so they think. But you shouldn't just take their word for it because these schemes could contain major problems or glaring oversights. Talk through their ideas and make sure you know what's involved, especially if this person wants you to give them your moral or financial support. You must know what you're getting into! Favorable colors are avocado and sapphire blue. Lucky numbers are 10 and 31.
You could be given the wrong information now, especially if it concerns finances. This may not be deliberate, but it will certainly be a nuisance. Tread carefully with anyone who's in a rebellious mood, because they won't be taking any prisoners and you could get quite an earful if you try to stand in their way or you tick them off. You may also provoke even worse behavior, simply to show you who's boss. Ideal colors are scarlet and bronze. Lucky numbers are 23 and 6.
It's a good day for creating harmony with someone close to you, especially if your relationship has been riven with trouble and jealousy recently. Remind yourselves of what brought you together in the first place and try to put your current difficulties to one side. Don't be shy about declaring your affection or giving this person a massive hug. Auspicious colors are golden honey and rich purple. Lucky numbers are 14 and 8.
Seek out people who are dear to your heart, whether you're related to them or they're cherished friends. You'll have a really enjoyable time together. Something else to do today is to work out whether you can afford to proceed with a domestic plan that's currently under consideration. News from abroad is in the wind, especially connected with cultural pursuits. Dynamic colors are sunflower yellow and burnt orange. Lucky numbers are 21 and 76.
This is a great day to get together with your loved ones, especially if you don't stray too far from familiar surroundings. You might decide to invite some of the family over to your place, or cook a meal for friends who are as near to family as you'll get. You could also have an enjoyable wander down memory lane at some point. Inspirational colors are russet and pistachio. Lucky numbers are 43 and 6.
The cosmos provides you with a fantastic chance to dig down into the depths of your thoughts and emotions so you can explore and examine them. If this seems too daunting to do on your own but it's an idea that really appeals to you, you might consider consulting someone on a professional basis. This is particularly important if you'll be grappling with painful issues. Soothing colors are gold and aqua. Lucky numbers are 2 and 66.
Today's Lunar Eclipse at the Full Moon stirs up powerful emotions during the next two weeks (as it has done since the Gemini Solar Eclipse last month), and it may not be a very pleasant experience. Are you feeling rather compulsive and obsessive? Financial issues could be a problem, especially if they appear to threaten your sense of emotional security. Don't let jealousy or envy make you do things that will set other people against you. Beneficial colors are dark green and apricot. Lucky numbers are 5 and 70.
You need a little light relief at the moment and one of the best ways to find it today is to get together with someone who always makes you laugh. You might even want to tell them what's going on in your life at the moment so you can get their perspective on it. This will help to keep your feet on the ground and then you won't feel quite so miserable or beset by problems. Prosperous colors are mulberry and silver. Lucky numbers are 7 and 31.
You're in the mood to spend money on a favourite hobby or pastime today, so take care if you're supposed to making every penny count. The temptation to treat yourself to something that you'll undoubtedly enjoy will be too strong to resist, and the trouble is that you might not restrict yourself to just one item either. It looks like being an extravagant day! Powerful colors are peacock blue and amber. Lucky numbers are 9 and 61.
Watch out when dealing with other people early on, because it will be awfully easy to get bogged down in petty details. What's more, as the Moon moves into Scorpio later in the day, it's very subjective so you may find it quite hard to separate your emotions from your thoughts. This isn't a good day to discuss anything important, unless you want to go round in circles. Advantageous colors are khaki and turquoise. Lucky numbers are 40 and 54.