Hot Potato

Hot Potato

The third exciting adventure in a series about ponies, girls, fun and friendship, written by a highly acclaimed Australian author.

As hard as she tries, Shelby just can't stay out of trouble. This time, she and her friends Lindsey and Erin can't resist buying a beautiful young pony that is going cheap at the horse auctions. The girls are sure that, between them, they have the skills to give the horse some light training and sell it on for at least three times the money. The problem is, none of the girls are allowed to have a new horse. They each tell their parents that the new horse (which they call 'Hot Potato') belongs to one of the other girls. Unfortunately 'Hotty' is not as easy to hide, or train, as they had imagined.

Hot Potato
Random House Australia
Author: Alyssa Brugman
ISBN: 1741660351
RRP: $14.95

Suitable for Girls 9-12 who love horses or adventure. Underlying messages include: friendship, courage, honesty, loyality and perseverance. Be caught under the writers spell and be Shelby's confidant.