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Houndbag Dog Essentials Bag


Don't you love a new bag?

The feel of the material, the little pockets, time spent choosing the colour.

And then the hidden surprises - a cute tag on the zipper, the sturdiness of the strap. The fact it comes with a poop bag dispenser.A what??!!

Yes, a poop bag dispenser. For this is no ordinary bag. It's a HOUNDBAG - the ultimate dog walker's accessory. It's one of those fabulous "why didn't someone think of this before?" ideas - a custom designed compact and lightweight walking bag with all the essentials on hand. It's a unique new product designed to make dog walking easy and fun, and thus encourage us to get out and about in the fresh air for some great-feeling exercise with our four-legged friends.

And while the organisational tool is practical and functional, best of all, it's stylish too! Already on the arms of dog walkers across Canada and Europe, HOUNDBAG creator, entrepreneur Octavia Chabrier (also a Mum and business woman on the side!) is pleased to have launched the product locally.

Ms. Chabrier, a dog lover with her own 2 large hounds, regularly faced a time consuming ritual as she gathered dog leads, treats, balls and ball throwers - as well as her own personal items like mobile phone, keys, and change for coffee and papers for her daily walk along the rugged coast on Victoria's southwest. So many bits and pieces for each daily walk. Not to mention the essential but unmentionable poop bags!

And that was just getting out of the door at home. The juggling act would continue on the walk, and as Ms. Chabrier balanced all these items and her dogs (not to mention a bag full of sh*t!) she realised that she needed a simple storage/carry bag to tote all her and her dog's items around. And she realised this problem was not just her own - she watched other dog walkers and saw the same balancing act time and time again. "So the daily walk became an exploration of how people balanced their stuff, and research became fun", Ms. Chabrier said.

And out of her love for her animals and her enjoyment of dog walking grew the idea for HOUNDBAG. A custom designed dog walking bag designed to easily organise all the essentials became something more - Ms. Chabrier actually found the simplicity of the design encouraged her to get out more often with her dogs, as there was no longer anything arduous about the task. And it looks great too! A fully machine washable HOUNDBAG to ensure dog lovers have everything they need with them when their dog takes them for a walk!

If you don't have a dog, you'll want one just for an excuse to buy yourself a fab looking HOUNDBAG! And no need to hide this receipt, there's a range of affordable prices. And best of all, you can always explain, it wasn't a new bag for you - it was for the dog!

Product Features:
. poop bag dispenser
. treats pocket
. an elastic holder for the dog's ball thrower
. water bottle holder
. many practical pockets for personal items like keys, mobile phone, notebook, and money
. an internal, fully lined sealed pocket to store the used poop bags until they can be disposed of responsibly
. a strap that detaches and becomes a spare dog lead

Houndbag The ultimate dog walker's friend


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