How to live Forever - by Colin Thompson

How to live Forever - by Colin Thompson

Peter lives with his mother and grandfather in the museum. He knows where to find the most weird and wonderful exhibits and how to open a hundred secret doors. When his grandfather gets sick, Peter decides to search for his father, who disappeared before Peter was born. Instead he finds a strange old woman, who gives him a book called 'How to live forever' but makes him promise never to read it.

Trapped in a world where books are houses and wise men aren't wise at all, Peter meets a girl called Festival. She doesn't know where Peter's father has gone, but she might know someone who does. Together they look for the Ancient Child, who has the answers to everything . . .

"Promise me that, no matter what happens, no matter how desperate you feel, no matter who asks you, you will never, never, never read the book. These are the most important words you have ever heard. Yes they are. Let them burn themselves into your heart and your brain. Never, never, never read the book."

An enchanting mystery behind closed doors of the museum and fantasy becomes reality.