IJALE Ghouls

IJALE Ghouls

Over the past year Australian/Nigerian artist IJALE has been meticulously paving his own lane in Australia's ever-expanding hip-hop scene. With his latest single 'LIKE THAT' garnering airplay & publicity both across the country & offshore, including being added to rotation on triple j,  the rapper/producer/vocalist offers listeners another taste of his raw, complex lyricism & trippy self-production on 'GHOULS', released today via Daily Nightly Records.

Written in the midst of the pandemic, 'GHOULS' is inspired by IJALE's feelings of anxiety, depression & emptiness when your hopes & dreams feel far from reach. 'GHOULS' is the product of being hopelessly locked inside & ultra-online while your world is literally burning around you. "It's about how heavy things can get when you compound all of the issues of the era we're in (racial injustice, COVID-19, climate crisis & so much more) with the issues of self, and how insignificant one can feel in the midst of all the bigger things going on in the world," details IJALE on the single. 

"The chorus' lyrics were borrowed from a song called 'Swimming Pool' by an Aussie band 'Ghoul' who I really love. Those are the only words in the song and I never really understood their meaning in that context, but they've always stayed with me. When I adapted them to my circumstances at the time I wrote the song I felt like they finally made sense to me. They're so succinct, but perfectly describe how I felt like I was drowning in all of my stress, and how I wished I lived a life where those issues didn't exist."

IJALE released his debut EP 'Wildly Disparate Sounds' as well as receiving triple j Unearthed Feature Artist mid last year. Hiis recent collaboration with Dugong Jr. 'Ceramic' landed coveted Spotify playlists New Music Friday AU/NZ, The Local List, metropolis, Poolside Grooves, crush & the hybrid.

IJALE is one of six lucky recipients of a triple j Unearthed/NIDA music video competition, and will be creating a music video courtesy of the station.