INNOluxe V3 Elixir

INNOluxe V3 Elixir

Smiths Collective Brands introduces the latest INNOluxe innovation to Australia, launching V3, packing in even more protein secrets than the former V2 formulation!

Known for it's unflinching commitment to pushing boundaries and building the very latest scientific understanding into products that professionals love, INNOluxe has revolutionised the world of hair repair with its advanced protein science!

INNOluxe V3 is the next level in bond-builder and colour additive technology for salons and stylists, however, now you can get friendly with INNOluxe V3 Elixir in-salon, AND invite it home to carry on repairing your hair!

INNOluxe V3 Elixir is a 100% Vegan, cruelty-free, highly concentrated, leave-in treatment and prep cream that rebuilds your hair at home, day after day, adding strength, softness and shine - who doesn't want that?!

It's exactly the same concentrated leave-in treatment as the salons use!

A true leader in powerful, innovative re-bonding and rebuilding technology, V3 Elixir's protein repair solution
penetrates the hair and repairs damage from inside each individual strand, allowing clients to instantly feel AND see the results!

While other bond-builders do achieve some degree of repair, INNOluxe V3 takes hair to the next level. Instead of a one-dimensional approach based on malic acid and similar ingredients, Advanced AminoBond Technology rebuilds, repairs and protects the hair, along with adding the incredible INNOluxe softness and


INNOluxe V3's Advanced AminoBond Technology uses a ground-breaking infusion of amino acids (the building blocks of proteins) to build a super strong network of protein ones that feeds the hair, and tops it off by creating a deeply conditioning shield that nourishes and protects every strand.

INNOluxe V3 creates 'super strong' hair bonds and also reconnects the sulphur bridges, truly turning back the clock to healthy hair!

Whether you apply INNOluxe V3 Elixir before styling, on the go or overnight, use it regularly on towel-dried or dry hair to strengthen, rebuild and protect your hair between salon appointments,. The shine, strength and feel of your INNOluxe V3 Elixir treatment will last and last!

Achieve THE BEST results!

Apply 1-2 pumps to wet hair, add a styling products and style away to your heart's content!
Apply 3-4 pumps to dry hair each night - think of I t as a primer for your hair - leave overnight, and wake up with healthier, stronger hair.

Repairs and strengthens your hair so it's stronger and less prone to breakage
Boosts your hair's elasticity, gloss and shine
Protects against damage from physical and environmental stresses
Heat-active proteins strengthen the hair when heat is applied

INNOluxe V3 ELIXIR $69.00 (100ml)
"V3 is the most improved version of INNOluxe we've ever seen. Just like the iPhone, it's so important to constantly make updates, and I believe this is why INNOluxe is over-taking so many other brands. They never stop improving their products. V3 Elixir works inside and out, it rebuilds, the hair like never before, but equally important, clients really feel it."


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