It's Never Too Late To Achieve Financial Security

It's Never Too Late To Achieve Financial Security

An inspirational guide to financial planning for the over 40s, aimed especially at those who need to catch up after a misspent youth - proving it's never too late to plan for your retirement.

At some point in our lives most of us find we've lost part - or all! - of our motivation to arrange our personal finances. Some of us never had the motivation in the first place.

* Did you make the most of the property boom over its 14-year run?

* Did you ride the share market as it hit record levels?

* Is your superannuation simply plain vanilla' or are you taking advantage of the many options available?

It can be disheartening to be a watcher rather than an active participant, but now there's a book about finding the motivation to invigorate your personal finances and investment planning. Peter Cerexhe shows you how to take stock of what you've accumulated and how to calculate what you need for peace of mind in the future. Case studies tell the stories of where others have found their motivation. There's also advice on avoiding financial issues taking a toll on your relationships, and tips on catching up for those who've messed up their financial life thus far.

Stimulating strategies and opportunities are outlined in simple terms - the book goes through step-by-step processes to ensure your hard-earned income is working for your future. You're sure to find something here to excite you and awaken your potential.

Peter Cerexhe, a former consultant lawyer, was for many years a finance writer with CHOICE magazine. Currently he is an editor and writer on financial issues from a consumer perspective and is author of the bestselling Smarter Property Investment.

It's Never Too Late
Allen & Unwin
Author: Peter Cerexhe
ISBN: 9781865089324
RRP: $29.95