Jessie Monk Lonesome Winter Blues

Jessie Monk Lonesome Winter Blues

Jessie Monk is an artist out of Gunaikurnai land in Australia. She sings folk songs inspired by the people she keeps meeting, stories she keeps hearing and thresholds she keeps walking through. Here, Now, Jessie Monk's debut EP, invites listeners, with ease and grace, into an ocean filled with the waves of Jessie's longing, seduction, playfulness, empathy, vulnerability, joy, sorrow, confusion and finally, pilgrimage toward presence.

'Simply the most incredibly talented singer-songwriter that I've had the pleasure of interviewing and listening to in years!' Dominic Albert, DAMusical

On their first project together, her four (sometimes five) piece band create an atmosphere bursting with freedom, generosity and intimacy. Strongly nodding the head to artists such as Joni Mitchell and Neil Young and more contemporary influences like Glen Hansard and Laura Marling, the EP distills authenticity, plucking the best from the old and the new with earthy tones, spacious emotional resonances and a resolute sense of self.
However what makes this music so special, is largely Jessie's effortlessly soaring bell-like voice, which carries her poetic and honest lyrics with a playfulness and true virtuosity, communicating the vast landscape of paradoxes she finds herself occupying in her self exposition.
'Jessie Monk breathes fresh air into the world of folk and roots, possessing the raw talent to take her a long way' - LiveWire AU

In focus single Lonesome Winter Blues Jessie casts a confident spell, using her experience to persuade her own affections into a state of non-attachment, making space for breathtaking awe and transience all in one moment. The folk traditions anchoring the sentiment with a gentle humanistic acceptance, Jessie's modern inflections imbuing this calm song with a transportive reverence.

Tastefully mixed by Cameron James Laing writer/producer for Universal Studios at The Famous Gold Watch Audiovisual Studios in Berlin, and mastered by Doug Van Slone of Focus Mastering (Bright Eyes, First Aid Kit, Lady Finger), Here Now, takes you on a journey through the peaks and valleys of your own heart channelling from the place within us all, the idyll state of vulnerability in equilibrium.

Also a dancer and an actor, Jessie has played in some major musicals in Australia, including David Bowie's last piece, Lazarus. In 2019 she toured solo through Israel, before moving to Berlin in 2020 where she's been astounded by her warm welcome to the thriving folk scene. Chasing the holy grail of albums like Blue and New Skin for the Old Ceremony, from Jessie Monk, you can count on grounded, story-lead folk songs about longing, loving and meeting that stranger in the mirror who continually surprises us.