Joanne - Do Not Disturb

Read Joanne's personal viewpoint on her debut Album - DO NOT DISTURB!

Do Not Disturb - Track by Track

So Damn Fine

I always admired the confident girls who had the courage to approach boys and make conversation. My problem was that I was "So Damn Shy" and I would let that damn fine guy drift away into the night, all because I didn't have the courage to speak my mind. I guess "So Damn Fine" is my way of verbalising all the hidden thoughts and feelings that I never had the guts to express.

All Thru The Night

"All through the night is where you party"! That's what the song says! This song was written for all the party-goers who live their weekends to the fullest... no sleep, non-stop dancing, hanging out with your closest friends and making Fridays and Saturdays what they are supposed to be!! PARTY!

Let's Go Back

When I think of my childhood, I remember moving to Australia at the age of 10 and starting a new life. Although it was initially really difficult to settle in, I eventually made new friends, found new hobbies and by the age of 13, I loved my new life and was a very happy girl. When I wrote "Back In the Day", I was reflecting on my childhood and all the memories that I will cherish forever.

Phony Baloney

"Phony" is actually one of my favourite songs on the album. After recording so many dance tracks in a row, I wanted to slow things down, ease into a groove and try something different.


"Jackie" is like a well-worn pair of jeans... it is the oldest thing in my wardrobe, yet it is still an old favourite. This song introduced me to dance music and was my debut single in Australia. Three years ago, "Jackie" was a fun opportunity, a chance to try something new. Today it is the song that started my career and made this album possible

I Don't Know

Earlier this year my boyfriend had to move away after one year of being together. His career had to take him to another state, and although I was genuinely pleased for him, the thought of being away from him made my heart ache. I poured all of those feelings into writing "I Don't Know", and hearing it completed on my album reminds me of the day I had to say goodbye.

Pack Your Bags

I really enjoyed the "Pack Your Bags" experience, especially the video clip. It involved non-stop dancing in an abandoned warehouse with no windows, in 44º heat!!! (That's Brisbane for you). The heat was unbearable, but somehow the song got us through it and the cast, the crew and myself got through it. By 5am, we were delirious, but still smiling and still singing the song.


Putting all of my heartfelt feelings on paper was so personal that it took me so long to complete this song. I wrote a verse and got so emotionally worked up that I had to stop. When I finally recorded half a song, I was then challenged to complete it. Writing an entire song based on something as simple as 'I love you' was actually quite challenging.


This is my 'cheating song'! It feels good to have a laugh about something that once hurt so much. I got cheated on and it hurt, but I picked myself up, got over it and decided to dedicate one song from my album to that 'liar liar, pants on fire'.

Are You Ready

"Are You Ready" reminds me of cameras, smoke machines, lights, costumes, the disco and over sixty dancers crammed into a dance studio. In November '99, this video clip was filmed at Dance World 301 in a ballet studio. My management team and crew spent many sleepless nights building the set with their own hands. Our aim was to create a mysterious location to set the scene for this high energy clip. Each time I hear this song, I recall my amazement when I first walked on set to see a dull ballet studio transformed into a futuristic night spot. It was amazing!

If He Were Mine

I can't stand to watch wonderful people get hurt or mistreated by the people they love. That was what made me write this song. Genuine and true love is rare and I believe that once you find a good person, you should cherish that person each and every day. Life is too short to take love for granted.

Cuz U Can

At the end of 1996, Cuz U can was the first song I ever, ever recorded in the studio. It was such a big challenge. I didn't know what to expect when I stood behind the microphone for the first time. When I re-recorded it 4 and a half a years later it was so much easier. No nerves and no inhibitions. A sentimental favourite for me.

What Kinda Friend Are You

When I wrote this song, I was questioning the loyalty of my friendships. I was disappointed and had been hurt by a few of my friends who I had trusted and supported for so many years. This song was my way of releasing all of my bottled-up feelings.

Hot Hot Crazy

Every time I hear this I think of James Brown. I must remember to ask the producers if they were listen to 'SEX MACHINE' when they produced this. This was a track was also a featured remix on the single of ARE YOU READY.

Don't Stay

"Don't Stay" was one of the first songs recorded for this album. I love the feel-good vintage sound of this song. It is somewhat unique because the music sounds so happy, but the words are just so sad. It is almost contradictory in the way that it makes me dance on the outside while I am hurting on the inside. That is the beauty of this track.

I Dont Know (fast edit)

Most of my singles to date have dance tracks. This song was originally recorded as a ballad, but once I heard the new version I was keen to give this a try. The sentiment is still there, but now it has a great dance beat.

* 16 track album (debut).
* Recorded at DW301 Studios with all other singles (5 released to date).
* It was really hard to select which songs stayed and which songs went.

Joanne has been recording on this album for 2 and a half years.

Do Not Disturb was the working title of the album. It took on a new meaning for Joanne (never having 5 minutes to herself) and stuck.

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