Jordan Laser Slow Motion

Jordan Laser Slow Motion

Sydney's returning-to-the-scene singer songwriter Jordan Laser is set to reveal her latest single "Slow Motion," an indie-pop ballad with a haunting edge. "Slow Motion" offers up a brooding soundscape, together with ethereal vocals and an unforgettable melody, that plunges the listener into an aching moment in time. It's a song that you will want to play again and again.

"Slow Motion is about wanting to re-capture a feeling you had with someone now that it's gone. But more than that, it's a plea for reassurance that the love actually meant something, despite the deception."

Working in collaboration with Adam Spark from Australian indie rock band Birds of Tokyo to complete the song, Jordan said "I contacted him in 2015 because I loved some of his collaborations and really wanted to meet him/work with him on something. I had most of the parts for 'Slow Motion' but they'd just been sitting there half formed. He helped arrange the song and added the post chorus hook. I didn't really have a plan when I got to his place but within a few hours we had this incredible demo."

An exponent of moody, alternative pop, Sydney-based singer-songwriter and producer Jordan Laser creates songs that are arrows aimed straight at the heart. Reminiscent of some of her musical heroes – Kate BushMassive Attack and Stevie Nicks – her songs are also indicative of something much deeper: an ancestral line of musicians.

Jordan has been pursuing music with fierce dedication since she was a child. At the age of 7 she began playing piano; by the time she was 13 she was writing songs. Her first EP was recorded with Jim Moginie and Rob Hirst from Midnight Oil, and these songs established her as an artist with a promising future. She then stepped away from releasing music & live performance in order to expand her sound palette and recast herself as a producer.