Jump In DVD

Jump In DVD

Starring: Corbin Bleu .. Izzy Daniels / Paula Brancati .. Gina / Alessandra Cannito .. Elizabeth / Elle Downs .. MC
Director: Paul Hoen
Genre: G
Rated: Children/Teen
Running Time: 81 mins

Corbin Bleu of High School Musical stars in JUMP IN: Freestyle Edition, the smash-hit Disney Channel Original Movie on Disney DVD.

JUMP IN follows Izzy Daniels (Corbin Bleu) as he dreams of becoming a professional boxer under the watchful eye of his father, a retired boxing champ.

That is until he reluctantly takes his little sister along to a double-dutch competition, where he discovers that double-dutch is much more than jumping - it is a blend of lightning fast jump combinations, gymnastics and dance moves, all executed with pinpoint precision!

When Izzy's neighbour Mary (Keke Palmer) needs someone to fill in for her double-dutch team, the Joy Jumpers, Izzy volunteers to practice with them until they can find a replacement. Izzy tries to hide his new found passion for double-dutch from his friends and family, as he really wants to live up to his father's expectations and become the next golden glove boxing champ.

Mary sees Izzy's talent for double-dutch and eventually asks him to not only practice with them, but to be their replacement for the Double-Dutch City Finals! After changing the groups' name to the Hot Chili Steppers, the team - Mary, Izzy, Shauna and Keisha - learn some new moves and routines that are sure to wow the judges.

Now Izzy must choose: follow his heart and compete in double-dutch competitions, or follow his father's boxing dream! Does Izzy have the courage and heart to go after what he truly wants?

Packed with exclusive DVD bonus features including "Learning the Moves" - Corbin Bleu teaches you how to double-dutch, "Inside the Ropes, The Making of Jump In!" - featuring exclusive interviews with cast and crew, "Jumpin" - music video performed by talented Keke Palmer and "Vertical" - the music video performed by T-Squad.

JUMP IN is a touching story about following your dreams, and features some of the most spectacular, high energy double-dutch ever seen on screen!

This exciting new story revolves around a young boxer, Izzy Daniels (Corbin Bleu), who trains to follow in his father's footsteps by winning the Golden Glove. When his friend, Mary (KeKe Palmer), however, asks him to substitute for a team member in a Double Dutch tournament, the young man discovers a hidden passion for jump roping.

Special Features

  • Music Videos
  • Learning The Moves
  • Inside The Ropes: The Making Of Jump In!

    Confident young boxer Izzy Daniels (Corbin Bleu) is in training with his father for the Golden Glove, when Mary (KeKe Palmer) his lady love reluctantly asks him to be a substitute for her Double Dutch Team. Izzy soon learns that his talents are not restricted to the ring and maybe 'Double Dutch' is cool and a whole lot of fun. Jump In explores peer pressure, choosing your own path, and enjoying life for all it can be. Featuring some awsome double dutch routines. Suitable for all ages, this film will get you jumping!

    'Learning the Movies' clips from Jump In

    Introduction Simple Moves Advanced Moves Music Video
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