Kaitangata Twitch by Margaret Mahy

Kaitangata Twitch by Margaret Mahy

What happens to a girl who has dangerous dreams? What if the land itself punishes those who would harm it? This is a supernatural eco-thriller for young teenagers, by internationally acclaimed New Zealand author Margaret Mahy, about a girl caught up in a fight over a beautiful wild island, where different values, commercial interests and versions of the past collide.

Meredith's family is loving, chaotic, high-minded, and devoted to protecting their local wild coastline from property developers. but Meredith's carefree life becomes unsettled when she begins to dream of strange, violent events on the nearby island of Kaitangata. It's as if the island itself is calling on her for help.

What does the island intend for Meredith?

What does old Lee Kaa know that no one else knows....

Kaitangata is an island with a rocky fist punching skywards.

Kaitangata seems to have a will of its own, and a voice, although only Meredith can hear it...

What we need is a powerful enchantress,' Meredith cried. 'Someone who could put a spell on Marriott.' As she spoke, a strange thought came into her head, running round and round inside her like a mouse on a pet-shop wheel. It was not a thought she could share, for it had a wickedness hidden in it and Meredith did not want anyone to know just how wicked she could be, even if it was only in her dreams.

Can Meredith save the island from an unscrupulous developer? How could the dreamer of the family succeed where grown-ups have failed? Only Kaitangata can tell...

Kaitangata Twitch is an engaging family story and a spellbinding supernatural thriller, by an author who has won international acclaim.

Kaitangata Twitch
Publisher: Allen & Unwin
Author: Margaret Mahy
Category: Fiction - Teen
ISBN: 174114485X
RRP: $15.95

About the Author:
Margaret Mahy has had 200 books published, ranging from picture books to crossover YA novels and everything in between. Her books have been published in the US and UK, where she is very well known. Margaret is also a winner of the prestigious Carnegie Medal and has been nominated for the Astrid Lindgren Memorial Award, to be announced in March 2006.