Kiki Strike The Empress's Tomb

Kiki Strike The Empress's Tomb

Despite what some books will tell you, you don't need magical powers or friends in the faerie kingdom to enjoy a thrilling adventure from time to time. What you do need is a little common sense - and some practical advice. Let's start with something simple:
Kiki and the Irregulars' tips fro maintaining an aura of mystery

  • Choose a subject to avoid in conversation. Whenever the topic comes up, just smile and change the subject.
  • Take a lock-picking course. Learn how to hot-wire a car. Work towards a black belt in karate. But wait for the best time to reveal your new skills.
  • Countless items in your trash, like shopping receipts, can help someone piece together your activities. Don't throw them out. Dispose of them carefully.
  • Few things are more intriguing than a scar. If you don't have one, get a fake.

    Kiki strike and the irregulars have the secret double lives as spies down pat. Saving New York City, going to school and running their own businesses is all in a day's work.

    But when Ananka is told that she might be sent to a remote boarding school, Kiki and Verushka lives are suddenly in danger (again), Betty finds a secret admirer and Oona's past decides to expose itself, things don't seem to be going all that smoothly.

    When the girls find out they are keeping secrets from each other their friendships are put to the ultimate test - and the safety of New York's secret subterranean world is thrown into jeopardy.

    With giant squirrels, a haunted mansion, a mummified empress and a mysterious refugee child Kiki Strike: The Empress's Tomb is an intriguing blend of reality, adventure and a splash of fantasy.

    What's happening in New York City? Giant squirrels. A haunted mansion. Six fierce friends with even fiercer secrets.

    Join Kiki and the Irregulars in another underworld - and underground - adventure. With Oona taking the lead this time, the Irregulars band together to protect New York City and its secret subterranean world, doing battle along the way with Manhattan's gangsters, rodents, diamond merchants, society figures, and assorted forces of evil. Some of the Irregulars must come to terms with deadly secrets from their own pasts, and each of the girls finds her unusual skills and her friendships put to the ultimate test.

    Kirsten Miller is a successful advertising executive in Manhattan. KIKI STRIKE: THE EMPRESS'S TOMB is her second book.

    Review: Refreshing story lines, great characters, fun to read.

    Kiki Strike The Empress's Tomb
    Random House Australia
    Author: Kirsten Miller
    ISBN: 9781741661651 / 174166165X
    RRP: $16.95

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