Welcome to Lazy Town DVD

Welcome to Lazy Town DVD

When Stephanie arrives in LazyTown, to spend the summer with her Uncle Milford, she finds that she has trouble making friends because all the local kids spend all their time indoors playing video games.

So, her uncle enlists the help of Sportacus, an athletic hero who encourages the kids to have fun by remaining active. Unfortunately, this doesn't sit well with Robbie Rotten, a lazy cheat, who takes pride in having LazyTown be the laziest town around so he plots to get rid of Sportacus.

LazyTown leaves kids with the power to play, move, dance, sing and feel really good about it!

Rated: G

Welcome to Lazytown.

Stephanie arrives in LazyTown for the summer, meeting the LazyTown kids and the town's very own superhero, Sportacus. She also meets the laziest villain in LazyTown, Robbie Rotten, who is out to stop Sportacus.

Sports Day

LazyTown's sports day is here! Robbie Rotten challenges Sportacus to a competition but cheats and Sportacus is out of the race. Can the kids compete against Robbie alone?


Robbie Rotten cleverly disguised as Rottenbeard sails into town and takes the kids on a fake treasure hunt where they find the missing piece of the LazyTown stone. Or so they think.


Robbie Rotten tricks Sportacus into putting on a pair of radio-controlled boots, making it impossible for him to function as a superhero. Enter Robbie as Lazycus to become the new town hero. Can Sportacus defeat his own feet?

Special Features:
Stephanie's Sing-A-Long
The Action Spinner: Jump Rope / Energy Run / Push Up / Skiing

Review: School kids love LazyTown, Sportacus has amazing reflexes and can seemingly bend & flip anyway. Robbie Rotten is a trickster and as far as the 'bad' character he's funny to watch.

RRP: $19.95
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Interview with LazyTown's Sportacus - Magnus Scheving