My Life Is A Boob Tube

My Life Is A Boob Tube

You know her as the feisty funny host from Channel Ten's hit reality show "Big Brother". But did you know that as well as holding down a regular television gig, Gretel Killeen is also a best selling author and has written over twenty one books?! Past titles have included "My Life is a Toilet", "My Life is a Wedgie" and "You're Joking". Gretel's books have been published in Australia, Britain, Europe, Asia and Canada.

Having started her career as a stand up comic, Gretel has had regular television appearances as a "funny person" on national television and radio.

Her latest work of art is the very funny "My Life is a Boob Tube" which stars yet again, intergalatic superstar, Fleur Trotter. Hot on the heels of the gob-smacking success of 'My Life is a Wedgie' and 'My Life is a Toilet', comes this hilarious tale of teenager Fleur Trotter being forced to come to terms with life, love, laughter, unwanted body hair and familial humiliation...while stranded in Europe on a school excursion.

This novel will make you laugh, make you cry, make your skin clear and fresh, increase your height by perhaps three centimetres and promises not to make your bust explode