Luv'n Txt - The new age of phone Text Dating

Luv'n Txt - The new age of phone Text Dating

When it comes to dating and love, romance is in the airwaves.

Nowadays, you just get out your mobile phone, key in a few words, symbols and numbers, and zip your message to the one your heart desires.

Not quite sure how tot get the message across?

Samantha Brett helps you in a beep with text tips like:

  • Using text to get a date
  • Texts to make them giggle
  • Texts to keep them thinking of you
  • Avoiding the dark side of text
  • How to use text to stay together

    With Luv'n txt in your pocket you'll never be stuck for words again.

    The new trend of text messaging has gripped the dating scene with Australians sending a whopping 250 million text each month. So it was only a matter of time before definitive SMS survival guide arrived.

    For the 82% of Australians who own a mobile phone, text has become part of our daily life & communication process. Samantha Brett reveals everything you wanted to know about text, including textual etiquette for all occasions, juicy text tales, tips on how to spice up your text-life, celebrity text faux pas, how to avoid (or enjoy) Tequila Texting (the texts you send during a drunken night out), and what you should never text. A dictionary of common SMS terms and abbreviations as well as a comprehensive guide to the use and creation of emoticons is included.

    Luv'n Txt is provocative, hilarious and insightful, successfully exploring the intimate side of text messaging. So next time you find yourself questioning the meaning of a text, or lost with what to text, who to text and when to text it, consult Luv'n Txt, get those thumbs out and start sending.

    Published by Pluto Press Australia
    RRP $19.95

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