Montana L. Jacobowitz

Montana L. Jacobowitz



 Montana L. Jacobowitz is an eighteen year old Actress, Singer, Songwriter, Dancer, and Activist born in Scranton, Pennsylvania and currently lives in Rhode Island. Montana takes pride in her efforts to bring attention to homelessness, education issues, bullying, abuse, and many other trending social issues. Her fundraising efforts are used to promote awareness to such issues. One of her most memorable plays that she wrote was at the age of seven years old about her brother Arizona who is autistic; it became a school sensation and can be seen on YouTube, under "My Brother Arizona." Montana's acting credits also include Middle School: The Worst Years of My Life, 2Real4U, Teenage Critic, etc.  


The New England area welcomed Montana at the age of eight years old. Her parents signed her up for professional dance classes, singing lessons, acting lessons, and musical instruments (violin, cello, guitar, recorder, alto saxophone, piano, ukulele, etc.)  


Montana has participated on various competition teams, including cheerleading, gymnastics, and dance (hip hop, jazz, contemporary, and a full acro production). Ballet and Pointe has been a passion of Montana's since she was five years old, she began pointe' at the age of eleven years old. Montana also enjoys movies, roller skating, skateboarding, amusement parks, swimming, horseback riding, freestyle dancing, and of course, social media!  


Montana focuses on making music videos, to add to her credits, of covers & original music. Montana is planning on releasing her first original song in the summer of 2019 and hopes to release a full EP, so keep an eye out!  


Montana's cover of Andra Day's "Rise Up", which can be found on YouTube, is particularly special to Montana, because it is dedicated to her brother, Arizona, who has been out of school since October 2013. Arizona was beaten up on his school bus while coming home from school. Everyday Arizona walks around with his green backpack with school supplies hoping to go back to school soon. Montana's goal for Arizona is to help him RISE UP!  


It is Montana's goal to become a teacher, attorney, and a U.N. Goodwill Ambassador. She hopes to open up her own school one day and to teach arts to the special needs population and protect their rights through advocacy and the legal process. Montana believes that everyone has a right to an education and should be allowed to excel to their fullest potential. She has long been inspired by Emma Watson (Harry Potter Movie Series) and her efforts as a U.N Ambassador. She believes that spreading peace throughout the World is a global effort and necessary to conquer poverty. Through social media, her music, dancing, acting, and advocating, Montana hopes to inspire others!