My Flight Pack

My Flight Pack

The innovative My Flight Pack which will effectively minimize jet lag and travel fatigue. Our goal is to make travel easier and more enjoyable for millions of travelers.

My Flight Pack has its roots within the Tour de France peloton. My two partners, Hannah Grant & Dr. Stacy Sims, were working with the athletes to increase performance during the grueling 3-week race. Hannah as head chef at one of the leading teams and Stacy as a nutritional researcher.

While traveling with the teams across the globe, Hannah and Stacy witnessed the massive effects of jet lag on both riders and staff. It was multiple days before riders were able to perform at their usual level again and the staff weren't as sharp as usual. That's why they started their studies and research on jet lag and soon discovered how big of effect dehydration has on jet lag and travel fatigue: to come up with a solution to a problem for millions of travelers.

On the back of this, they developed My Flight Pack, which both prevents dehydration and assists in changing your circadian rhythm. It does this through innovative use of adaptogens that has been developed with and tested by some of the worlds best athletes. They are currently working with several MLB teams, NHL players and PGA Tour players.

So if you travel a lot and need to be ready to go, or just don't travel the well and don't want to waste your holidays with jetlag 'My Flight Pack' is a great solution to minimise your downtime. Simple, easy, solution that has been tested by professionals.  The 3 step sachels will manager you hydration from start to finish.