Myrren's Gift - Fiona McIntosh

Myrren's Gift - Fiona McIntosh

The Quickening - Book 1

For centuries, a Thrisk General has fought alongside the King of Morgravia, but none ever sware allegiance to a royal as cruel as Celimus.

When General Wyl Thirsk is forced by Celimus to witness the torture of Myrren, a young woman accused of witchcraft, Wyl fears he may become the first of his family to betray the blood oath.

Leading a motley crew of mercenaries, unable to trust anyone, Wyl is sent on a diplomatic mission to a neighbouring territory: He finds treachery every step of the way, and begins to wonder if he will return home alive.

But Myrre, grateful for his compassion, has given Wyl an extraordinary 'gift'. Wyl's life takes an entirely unpredictable turn.... he is about to discover The Quickening.

Myrren's Gift Review:
Addictive new fantasy series, that will have you begging for more.