Nathan Leigh Jones Sooner or Later

Nathan Leigh Jones Sooner or Later

Nathan Leigh Jones Sooner or Later

Whether or not you know the name, you've heard Nathan Leigh Jones' voice somewhere before. The voiceover artist for MTV, Nickelodeon and new free-to-air channel Eleven, Nathan has also established himself in the musical arena, and has released his sophomore piano-pop album Sooner or Later.

Sooner or Later is a truly international release from an independent - or as we like to say, digipendent - artist.

Although you could mistake the album's looks and sound for a major label product, this project was produced 100% autonomously. Much of 'Sooner Or Later' was arranged and edited in his home studio to save on big studio costs. Through a series of US connections, Nathan got in touch with guitarist, songwriter and multi- Grammy award-winner Dan Warner. Dan co-wrote Mika's #1 hit 'Grace Kelly' and has played on many albums including big names like Madonna, Justin Timberlake and Rihanna.

Upon hearing Nathan's music, Dan asked his friend Lee Levin (Christina Aguilera, Pink and Kelly Clarkson) to play drums on the album. To date, Nathan has never met these musicians in person - but thanks to the internet, files were transferred between Australia and the US, a trend which has changed the face of music production and creative collaboration. The wonders of technology!

Adding to the special guests on the album, a highlight of the recording of Sooner or Later was getting theSydney Philharmonia Choir in to sing! A 20 piece choir made up of members from 'Vox' took the track 'Crying Out For Love' to a majestic new level. Other vocalists to feature on the album were one half of 2010 ARIA winners, the incredible vocal quartet The Idea Of North. Naomi Crellin and Sally Cameron, both friends of Nathan's, insisted they lend their sublime voices to the song 'Colour Me In'. (Needless to say, they nailed it on the first take...)

An established singer, songwriter and pianist, Nathan got his musical kickstart through winning the national 'Musicoz Artist Of The Year' award in 2004. In recent times, Nathan arranged and produced a remake of the classic 'That's What Friends Are For', featuring singer/songwriter David Raleigh, Broadway star Billy Porter, pop singer Ari Gold and Tony award winner Alan Cumming. All proceeds supported NYC's Ali Forney Centre, a charity to benefit gay homeless youth. The song's video is currently playing on MTV's Logo in the US.

Nathan also co-wrote a single for ex-American Idol finalist Ayla Brown, which was performed on national US television last year during Fox's breakfast program, 'Fox & Friends'.

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