Nicole Scherzinger Big Fat Lie

Nicole Scherzinger Big Fat Lie

Nicole Scherzinger Big Fat Lie

Global superstar Nicole Scherzinger is set to release her new album Big Fat Lie on 24th October through RCA Records and Sony Music Entertainment Australia. The new album is intimately personal, sharply observant and sonically enthralling.


"The album title was inspired by the song -Big Fat Lie' which has a lot of meaning to me", explains Nicole. 'We all go through our own battles and hard times and -Big Fat Lie' is about how we mask what's really going on.  This album is about me revealing some of my personal struggles and facing them head on. Once you realize something is a lie you are on your way to the truth, where you will find your own clarity, peace and acceptance." 


Big Fat Lie is the result of a collaboration between Nicole and #1 songwriters/producers, The-Dream and Tricky who have worked with artists ranging from Kanye West , Katy Perry, Jay Z and Beyonce. Inspired by Janet Jackson's work with Jam & Lewis, as well as Nicole's influences, which include everyone from Ella Fitzgerald to Whitney Houston, the album marks Nicole's renaissance as a recording artist.


The new album includes the recent UK top ten single, -Your Love'. The super-sensual -Electric Blue' features US rapper T.I while The-Dream and Tricky drum up Prince circa -Dirty Mind' but with a futuristic twist.  -Girl With The Diamond Heart' is an intentionally inspiring song. 'It's for any girl who ever doubted themselves, got lost along the way and allowed themselves to be less than they really are," says Nicole.  And then there's the darkly haunting, sensual synth led -Heartbreaker.' -Run' is one of the most emotive songs Nicole has sung and the breath-taking vocal makes this an epic song.


New single -On The Rocks' is lyrically deft with a dark sense of humour abounding behind the heartbreak. 'This is one that some people will really be able to relate to, to really feel. I've always spoken about my life in music but I'm at an age where I can be even more open."

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