Omar Dean The X Factor Live Tour 2013 Interview

Omar Dean The X Factor Live Tour 2013 Interview

Omar Dean The X Factor Live Tour 2013 Interview

Sixth placed The X Factor finalist Omar Dean will join the Top 5 on tour in Melbourne, following a fan petition to have him added to the line-up for The X Factor Live Tour 2013.

The 20 year-old will perform in his hometown of Melbourne on Tuesday 26th of November, after a successful 'twitition" – an online petition on Twitter - to have the popular singer added to the bill. He broke the news to fans at a special appearance at Trak Live Lounge Bar last night that he will be supporting The X Factor Live Tour 2013 in Melbourne.

'I can't wait to get back on stage and sing in front of all those people who supported me on my X Factor journey. It's been such an incredible experience, I'm so grateful to everyone for their continued support. Even though the TV show has finished, I feel like this is just the beginning," said Omar.

Omar will perform alongside The X Factor 2013 winner Dami Im and the remaining top five contestants, Taylor Henderson, Jai Waetford, Third D3gree and Jiordan Tolli. Further special guests will be announced for dates in other states.

The X Factor Live Tour 2013 kicks off on Saturday 23 November and will hit Newcastle, Sydney, Melbourne, Adelaide, Brisbane, Gold Coast and finish up in Perth.

24 year-old Queenslander Dami Im won The X Factor 2013 title from 20 year-old Taylor Henderson and 14 year-old Jai Waetford, with Third D3gree finishing fourth, 19 year-old Jiordan Tolli fifth and Omar Dean sixth. The X Factor Live Tour 2013 will give the talented performers the chance to get up close and personal with their fans, performing a selection of their most loved songs from their time on The X Factor.

The X Factor has been one of the year's highest rating television programs, pulling in over 1.5 million viewers weekly and almost 3.67 million viewers for the winner announcement. This year the show has been overseen by the judges and music heavyweights Redfoo, body rocker and LMFAO front man; Natalie Bassingthwaighte, entertainment icon and Australian recording artist; Ronan Keating, Irish singing-songwriting superstar and Australian darling and singer-songwriter Dannii Minogue.

Interview with Omar Dean

Question: How does it feel to have had a fan petition to add you to the line-up for The X Factor Live Tour 2013?

Omar Dean: It is without a doubt very overwhelming. I could not believe the amount of support that came rushing in online after X-Factor. The lengths supporters go through to see you achieve your dreams is incredible, I'd never be here without them so I owe it all to them. I am so glad I can be on the tour and I can go out there give them exactly what they asked for. The petition was made by a lovely dedicated fan, which then spread quickly, I am so grateful to each person who cooperated and took part in this…It worked! woo

Question: Do you know which songs you'll be performing as part of the The X Factor Live Tour 2013?

Omar Dean: No idea yet, but I have asked publicly on Facebook and Twitter, the favourites seem to be Skyscraper, Cry Me A River, Climax and You Found Me.

Question: What have you been doing since unfortunately leaving The X Factor?

Omar Dean: I have been flooded with bookings for gigs and events so just been gigging everywhere, which is great!

Been also controlling my social media like crazy, doing a lot of promo work and keeping my name out there. Also writing in my down time and preparing myself for when I can release some new material. Working hard!

Question: Have you still be writing songs? What's your inspiriting when writing?

Omar Dean: Of course, I'm always writing in my down time, I just think of events in my life or messages that I want to get across and then write a song based on that.

Question: What music/artists do you listen to when you are not playing your own?

Omar Dean: I have such a diverse love of music, I love any good music, I am not restricted to any genre or artist. I listen to everything and anything; I'm always on YouTube discovering new music and covers of songs. Just before I sleep thought I like to listen to slow jam R&B, keeps me calm.

Question: Can you share any information with us regarding any singles or an album?

Omar Dean: Nothing too major yet as we have just finished the show. But I have plans for a single; I am writing and working with producers to try make this happen. When the right time comes I will hopefully release a lot of original material. Right now I am trying to also record covers here and there to keep my YouTube maintained.

Question: What did you learn from being on The X Factor?

Omar Dean: I learnt so much, I grew dramatically in confidence and gained more insightful knowledge about the industry.

I learnt from everyone around me, my mistakes and got even more inspired. I cannot wait to apply everything I learnt whilst being on the show to my career, which will definitely further it.

Question: Do you prefer performing live or recording?

Omar Dean: I love both! In general I just love making the audience/listener feel what I am singing, get the exact vibe. So whether it's through recording or performing live as long as they can hear the emotion and be touched by it, then it's exactly what you want as an artist. However I do love feeding off the energy from a live audience who just want to listen.

Question: What is the biggest challenge you have faced along the way to your musical success?

Omar Dean: My biggest challenge has been constant knock backs and my own mind. Many of my problems came from over thinking and lacking in confidence, but I think after X Factor I really eliminated the majority of these issues.

Question: What has been your favourite part of becoming a music artist?

Omar Dean: Inspiring, touring- seeing new places you've never been to, getting to meet awesome people!

Question: If you could collaborate with another artist, who would it be?

Omar Dean: I'd be happy if anyone big in the industry wanted to collaborate with me (laughs) but would love to jump on a track with Usher, JB, JT or even Jessie J.

Question: Do you have a website fans can visit?

Omar Dean: I sure do! which is being updated though, still rough!

In the meantime check out my Facebook, Youtube and Twitter accounts!

The X Factor Live Tour 2013

Saturday 23 November: Newcastle Entertainment Centre NEWCASTLE        
Sunday 24 November: Sydney Hordern Pavilion, SYDNEY
Tuesday 26 November: Palais Theatre, MELBOURNE
Thursday 28 November: Adelaide Entertainment Centre, ADELAIDE           
Friday 29 November: Brisbane Entertainment Centre, BRISBANE           
Saturday 30 November: Gold Coast Convention & Exhibition Centre, GOLD COAST   
Monday 2 December: Perth Arena, PERTH           



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Interview by Brooke Hunter

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