Pig City

Pig City

Pig City

From the author of the international bestseller, Holes, which has sold over a quarter of a million copies in Australia and New Zealand.

Do you know the secret of Pig City?

Laura Sibbie is beautiful, popular and has made a solemn promise to never tell a lie. She is also the president of a new secret club at school and is trying to find the perfect 'pigs' to join her. To make sure the secret of Pig City is kept each member must give an 'insurance'- something totally embarrassing- which will be revealed if they ever tell anyone that Pig City exists.

But as Pig City grows and hotshot Gabriel finds out about the club, things become a lot riskier for the 'Pigs' and more complicated for Laura. How can Laura protect the club and keep her secrets without breaking her promise and telling some of the biggest lies imaginable?

A hilarious story with the trademark warmth and humour from the author of the international bestseller of Holes.

'A smart jigsaw puzzle of a novel- tough, truehearted and ultimately tender'- New York Times
'This is the kind of book that keeps you up late, then makes you want to reread it immediately and that you can't wait to read to your kids'- Viewpoint.
'The stories pull together in a tightly knit pattern with a glorious and satisfying conclusion, the goospimples fairly sprang up when I read this book, the best one in ages, and I didn't put it down until I'd finished.'- Tara Stephenson, The Bookseller.
'...a story full of surprising twists... that grabs the reader's attention and keeps it'- The Courier Mail.
'one of those book that everyone should read and, once they have, will want to recommend to others. Totally absorbing and beautifully written.'- Patricia Britton, The Bookseller.

Louis Sachar has published many books for children in the USA and Holes was his first book to be published in the UK. Holes has won major American literary prizes including the Newbery and the National Book Award for Young People's Literature.

He attended Hastings College of the Law in San Francisco. His first book was published during his time. He graduated in 1980 and for the next eight years he worked part-time as a lawyer and continued to try to write children's books. Then when his book started selling well enough, he was able to quit practicing law. Louis Sachar lives in Austin, Texas with his wife and daughter.

Pig City
Allen and Unwin
Author: Louis Sachar
Price: $14.99