Playing Cool with Hi-5

Jive To The Vibe With Hi-5.
Hi-5 Playing Cool
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From November 19, 2001, the coolest gang, Hi-5, is back in town with their coolest video ever. So get ready to groove along with your friends from Hi-5 in PLAYING COOL.

If you love to dare, dream and dance your way through life's adventures, then this video is for you. Join Charli as she makes a splash at the beach where the surf's up and the sun's out, and then Kellie as she takes a magical bike ride to the playground.

Watch Nathan fast track it as a racing car driver with a need for speed, and Kathleen as she makes an arresting case as the coolest cop on the beat. Dance along with Tim as he twists and shakes as the King of Rock. You'll even get the chance to meet your favourite sports-star. So hang out with Hi-5 and enjoy the ride!

Hi-5 PLAYING COOL includes songs such as You're My Number One, Let's Get To Work, I Spy, and more, all of which you will enjoy singing and dancing along to.

Hi-5 PLAYING COOL is rated G with a running time of approximately 50 minutes. Available from leading video retailers from November 19, 2001 for SRP $19.95.

Hi-5 is on-air on Channel 9, weekdays at 9.00am.


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