Hi-5 Wonderful Journeys

Starring: Kellie Hoggart, Nathan Foley, Kathleen de Leon, Tim Harding, Charli Delaney
Creator: Helena Harris

Get ready for fun and adventure with the exciting release of 'Hi-5 Wonderful Journeys' on DVD - in new funky and easy to carry packaging.

Just in time for Christmas comes the latest DVD and Video offering from the coolest gang around - 'Hi-5 Wonderful Journeys'.

Join your favourite friends, Hi-5 on a fantastic trip around the world and beyond into a realm of imagination. Stroll through Alphabet City with Charli and go off on the 'nest quest' to the steamy jungles of Africa with Kellie.

Come face to face with dinosaurs with Kathleen then take a trip through a magical show dome to the North Pole with Tim and discover a world of stars with Nathan!

It's an adventure from Go to WHOAHH with the fab five of fun - Hi-5!

Songs include:

  • Some Kind of Wonderful
  • Planet Disco
  • Come Around to my Place

    Review: The morning after watching this, my daughter came in and told me about her wonderful dreams of flying with Charli and how next time I could come along. Hi-5's 'wonderful journey's' inspires imagination, creativity and happy little people.


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