Pretty Bleak why don't you like me?

Pretty Bleak why don't you like me?

After touring with Teenage Joans and TOWNS, PRETTY BLEAK are back with their newest single, 'Why Don't You Like Me?', premiered on Triple J Unearthed's TOPS

With their debut single being put onto high rotation on Rage, it's safe to say that high expectations were left on PRETTY BLEAK, and their newest release doesn't disappoint. 'Why Don't You Like Me?' is proof that the band has matured since their debut by intertwining the sounds of shoegaze with the energy and vocals of emo. The blend of genres makes for a unique, yet familiar, listening experience. 

Between vocalist Sam Thomas' home studio and and various Melbourne based producers, the band has managed to perfectly express the sounds of 21st century pop music.  When speaking on the writing process, their lead singer, Sam, describes the self-reflective process, "The song comes from a very personal place where during a relatively negative time in my life I was introspectively aware that most of my problems were self inflicted." - Sam Thomas, PRETTY BLEAK

The single is to be released alongside a performance-based music video, showcasing the bands intensity and passion for their craft. The video portrays an eye-catching scene as the band performs in unlikely scenery, contrasted by the bright and colourful lights that surround them. 

For fans of The Cure and Nirvana, 'Why Don't You Like Me?' is not one to be missed.