Pretty Little Liars

Pretty Little Liars

Never trust a pretty girl with an ugly secret

Aria, Emily, Spencer, Hanna and Alison have been best friends since the third grade. They go everywhere together, and think no one can come between them. If anyone is the ringleader of their group it is Alison, and the other girls cannot help but confide all their secrets to her.

One night, during a sleepover, Alison goes missing. Her body is never found. The girls mourn her death, but move apart after time, assuming their secrets have disappeared with Alison too.

Three years later and Aria is having an affair with her teacher; Emily is questioning her sexulality; Hanna is a thief; and Spencer is flirting with her sister's fiance. They all think their secrets are safe, until they start receiving messages from a mysterious A - - who knows exactly what they are all up to, and is threatening to spill the beans....

Fun and juicy, full of gossip and intrigue, but with a compelling mystery and dark undercurrents, 'Pretty Little Liars' is for readers of all ages, from teens and upwards. It's perfect for anyone who likes 'The Sisterhood of the Travelling Pants' series, or who watches 'The O.C'.

And soon 'Pretty Little Liars' series will be on the television as well, with a primetime TV series in development in the USA.

Sarah Shepard lives in the USA and 'Pretty Little Liars' was inspired by her upbringing in Philadelphia.

Review: Where would be without our sisterhood friendships, but who can you trust, what goes on that you don't know. Pretty Little Liars is exciting and intriguing and will make a great series, but read it first.

Pretty Little Liars
Hachette Livre Australia Pty Ltd
Author: Sara Shepard
RRP: $19.95

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