Promise of the Wolves

Promise of the Wolves

There are only three rules a wolf must adhere to: never consort with humans, never kill a human unprovoked and never allow a mixed-blood wolf to live. Breaking any of these rules will threaten the very survival of the species-and perhaps mankind.

The wolves of the Wilde Valley have rules about the humans who share their territory. Wolves are not to consort with humans, and must stay away from their dwellings. Under no circumstances may a wolf hunt with a human. Any wolf who defies these rules will be exiled from the Valley. But what the Wilde Valley wolves don't know is that, long ago, the fates of the two nations were irrevocably intertwined when ancient wolves agreed to be the guardian of the human race. The wolves pledged to make sure that humans remember they are just one part of the greatest Balance of nature. But the wolves of the Wilde Valley have forgotten their promise... and if they don't reconnect with the humans soon, all the creatures in the valley will suffer the consequences.

Inspired by the scientific theory of co-evolution, Hearst uses the idea that wolves, and later dogs, made humans the dominant species on the planet by teaching them how to hunt cooperatively, hold territories and from complex societies. Of course, these are the very strengths that have allowed humans to be good survivors, but have also led them to destroy the environment they rely on for survival.

Set 40,000 years ago in the land that is now southern Europe, Promise of the Wolves, the first installment in a trilogy, follows the life of Kaala, a young she-wolf who discovers that she is destined to bring the two clans back together. Kaala's story is told in parallel with the legends of Lydda, the ancient wolf who brought humans and wolves together for the first time, with dire results.

Brilliantly weaving together original research, unforgettable characters and dynamic, thoroughly engaging plot, Promise of the Wolves is an adventure story in the tradition of Clan of the Cave Bear and Watership Down.

Dorothy Hearst: spent extensive time in Yellowstone observing wolves in the wild. She has toured the 16,000 year old cave paintings at Les Eyzies, as well as a lesser known cave in the Dordogne Valley, which boasts what may be the oldest representation of a wolf carved into the cave wall. Promise of the Wolves, the first in The Wolf Chronicles trilogy is her first novel.

Promise of the Wolves
Simon and Schuster Australia
Author: Dorothy Hearst
ISBN: 9781921470011
RRP: $29.95