Pure Planet Lip Balms

Pure Planet Lip Balms

5 reasons to choose natural and organic lip balms

Have you noticed that your hands and lips are starting to dry up? With the change of season bringing cooler and dryer conditions, coupled with many Australians now in self-isolation, it's a combination to wreak havoc with your skin. Thanks to Pure Planet Club, their new range of organic, plastic-free and recyclable packaged collection of lips balms can be delivered safely to your door.

Christina Kjaergaard, Commercial Manager, Pure Planet Club says, "For us as a brand it's all about providing plastic-free solutions for everyday products. So, our new lip balms are encased in handcrafted, plastic free, compostable packing, made from 100% uncoated PCW paper.

"Our lip balm collection is also USDA certified organic and contains all natural ingredients including shea and cocoa butter, beeswax, sunflower oil and antioxidant rich vitamin E to moisturise and hydrate the skin," adds Christina.

Pure Planet Club's top five reasons to choose natural and plastic-free lips balms include:
1. Eco-friendly beauty: Non-organic lip balms have been known to contain harmful ingredients to the environment including petroleum-based products whereas organic lip balms only contain natural components.
2. Skin health: Organic lip balms such as ours contain vitamins and antioxidants that actually improve the health of your lips due to the nourishment they deliver.
3. Zero waste: By going organic, you are likely purchasing a product that isn't packaged in plastic and destined for landfill such as our compostable, callipo style packaging.
4. Good for your gut: Imagine how much lip balm we ingest over our lifetime! Just as you wouldn't choose to eat, or drink nasty chemicals, think twice about what you're putting on your lips on a daily basis.
5. Prevent damage: Natural ingredients in organic lips balms such as beeswax can also act as a barrier to protect your lips from future damage.
New Pure Planet Club lips balms are available in packs of three at an RRP of $30.00, delivered to your door. On sale now from www.pureplanetclub.com


Review:  Pure Planet Lip Balms will hydrate your lips while saving the planet. While the packaging isn't what you are used to, I feel great enjoying my lip balm knowing it's not contributing to the planets plastic build up.  Sutble flavours or original to statisfy all tastes and soothe the lips.


About Pure Planet Club:
Pure Planet Club are the creators of tree-free and plastic-free toilet paper, household and beauty products. Their mission to save the planet by keeping our forests green and oceans clean began in 2017 with their toilet tissue made from bamboo and sugarcane waste. In 2019 they launched their first beauty products including organic and plastic free lip balms.