Rachel Ohnsman Aphrodisiac

Rachel Ohnsman Aphrodisiac

Singer-songwriter Rachel Ohnsman has released her new single, "Aphrodisiac," the first song of her upcoming album Moon Songs to be dropped in Fall 2020. 


"Aphrodisiac is the first song on my upcoming album, Moon Songs. I wrote it with the intention of feeling intoxicated and fun, with a lingering sense of unease. The album details my recovery from sexual assault, and Aphrodisiac is about the uncertainty of attraction under the influence." - Rachel Ohnsman


"Aphrodisiac" is an edgy pop song that centers around the theme of vices as well as hookup culture. Rachel reveals her intentions through her unique vocals and genuine lyrics in order to stay honest and approachable to her audience. This single is a good example of Rachel's raw and genuine lyrics and themes that fans can expect from the upcoming album. The music and lyrics were written by Rachel, and she also co-produced the track alongside John Small.


Rachel Ohnsman is a soul-pop artist who has always been passionate about music since she was a little girl. Rachel is now drawing from her influences to create original music that is true to herself. Using her real-life experiences to create catchy melodies and honest lyrics, Rachel seeks to create music that is not only true to her life but also relatable to her listeners.