Rangers Apprentice 4 Oakleaf Bearers

Rangers Apprentice 4 Oakleaf Bearers

Can sworn enemies fight side by side to save their lives and their kingdoms?

In this thrilling conclusion to the first sequence of the Ranger's Apprentice series, Will and his friends will play a vital role in an exciting battle against ruthless invaders.

Just as spring approaches and Will and Evanlyn can finally escape Skandia, Evanlyn is carried off by mysterious horsemen. Will sets out after them, but one boy against six fierce Temujai warriors is impossible odds - even for a Ranger's apprentice. Halt and Horace arrive just in time to rescue them, and the four are overjoyed to be reunited. But there is no time to celebrate as Halt realises that the Temujai they discovered are only the scouts for a massive invasion force. The four Araluans must work together with the Skandians (sworn ememies) to defeat the invaders - if the Oberjarl will accept their help.

Rangers Apprentice 4 Oakleaf Bearers
Random House Australia
Author: John Flanagan
ISBN: 1741660823
RRP: $14.95