Replay Sharon Creech

Replay Sharon Creech

His name is Leonardo, his friends call him Leo, and his family call him Sardine, and he is the hero of this heart-warming story about being yourself in a busy world.

When a young boy reluctantly becomes involved in his school play, he takes on not just the role he has to play, but also a journey of discovery about his family. Written in intense, short and very sweet chapters, this is a feel good novel with a theatrical twist.

Leo is always dreaming, always replaying things in his brain. He fantasises about who he is in order to discover who he will become.

When he reluctantly becomes involved in the school play, a wonderful drama ensues, both in school on the stage and at home as Leo's relationship with his father becomes truer and more honest when some secrets buried in a dusty box in the attic are unveiled.

Leo accidentally comes across his father's diary written when his father was 13. Along with the diary are a pair of battered tap-dancing shoes and, with these things, Leo not only finds his voice and his feet but also a special new relationship with his father.

Sharon Creech lives in New Jersey where she writes her wonderful books for young readers. She writes for a number of different age groups, including the very young and teenagers. Each of her works share a wonderful sense of purpose and all celebrate both the individual as well as the family units within which we operate. She is a Carnegie Medal recipient

Allen and Unwin
Author: Sharon Creech
Subject Category: Children's And Educational
Children's Readership: Junior fiction
ISBN: 074758186X
RRP: $14.95