Rosemary for Remembrance - Felicity Pulman

Rosemary for Remembrance - Felicity Pulman

In a world of ignorance and secrecy, how can one girl discover the truth?

When Janna is saved from a wild boar by the villein Godric, she's not sure whether to kiss him or slap him. The last thing she needs is a beau. Janna wants the freedom to follow her dreams - and a marriage proposal isn't in her plans. But Janna's life is shattered when her mother Eadgyth, a healer, dies suddenly, and Janna suspects poison. With so many suspects - from the posturing apothecary to the vengeful priest, from the jealous midwife, who might know Eadgyth's secrets, to Dame Alice's young attendant, who isn't telling all she knows - Janna will need all her courage and skill to bring the murderer to justice. Who can she trust, when even Godric and Hugh, the dashing nobleman, have secrets which threaten her heart and safety?

Set in medieval England, 'Rosemary for Remembrance' is the first in an exciting mystery series from award-winning author Felicity Pulman.

JANNA MYSTERIES chart Janna's journey as she goes in search of her unknown father. Her travels will bring her into the company of peasants and pilgrims, jongleurs and nuns, spies and assassins, an illegitimate son of Henry I, and his daughter, the Empress Matilda. With England in the grip of civil war, secrets abound, loyalties change, passions run high, and Janna encounters the darkest side of human nature: the greed, ambition, deceit and fear which so often lead to betrayal and murder. She will need all her courage and insight to escape danger and solve the crimes she encounters along her journey.

Author: Felicity Pulman
Rosemary for Remembrance
Distributor: Random House Australia
ISBN: 0759320349
Price: $19.95