Sammi Constantine Trigger Heavy

Sammi Constantine Trigger Heavy

Uncovering more of her story by exploring personal battles and triumphs through honest lyrics and infectious dark melodies, 'Trigger Heavy' is the third and arguably most powerful release from Sammi Constantine in 2020 so far.

"'Trigger Heavy' is a hard-hitting reality check for people who continuously self-project their insecurities and bitterness onto those around them. It is about finally standing up for myself, after a toxic whirlwind of emotional manipulation - taking back what I rightfully own and what I made for myself, without the fear of being able to say no."

This release sees the second collaboration with Cyrus (Client Liaison, Rory Adams, CXLOE, GRAACE) as co-write and producer following the release of 'See What You See' last month. The track was also co-written by Janeva Burrill (Starley, Glades, Allday) and mastered by Chris Gehringer (Halsey, Rhianna, Dua Lipa, Lady Gaga).

The single will be accompanied by a self-directed cinematic style music video, co-directed and filmed by Trystin Sinnott. Set to be released Tuesday 26th May, the video takes a more playful approach to her trademark dark edge, portraying a tongue and cheek style story of Constantine's endurance in relationships where she is being disrespected or manipulated. "I wanted to show a strong women taking a stand in situations where she is being taken advantage of, or not getting the respect she deserves. It is up to you to play with the outcome – you can be your own superhero in your story."



Singer/Songwriter and recording artist Sammi Constantine hailing from NSW, is an edgy pop force who is making her own waves in the Aussie pop scene. Sammi Constantine, developed her love for music at a young age, initially as a ballet dancer. She transitioned out of dance and into songwriting in order to explore new ways to express herself. 


Sammi found her inimitable sound drawing from her broad influences and personal experiences. Having crafted her songwriting Sammi has participated on APRA SongHubs in Melbourne and was also selected for "50 Songs in 5 Days" at 301 Studios in 2018. In a short time Sammi has written with influential names in the industry including, Tommy Brown (USA), Warryn Campbell (USA), Just A Gent, Woodes, Elk Road, The Kite String Tangle, Mashd N Kutcher, Glades, Dylan Nash and many more. With an extensive catalog of collaborations, Sammi has worked on records that have been released via multiple well known labels such as Universal Music Australia, Sony Music Australia, Circus Records, and Artist Intelligence Agency.


As well being more than comfortable on the stage, Sammi has performed at a number of festivals including SnowTunes, Sweaty Palms, Mountain Sounds and Ocean Rhythms Festival and made guest appearances at Groovin the Moo, Festival One (NZ), Big Top Luna Park, Metro Theatre (Jacob Collier support). Most recently Sammi supported Rita Ora on her National Australian Tour to packed out rooms in Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane and Perth on the tour.