Sammy's Hill - Kristin Gore

Sammy's Hill - Kristin Gore

The West Wing meets Sex and the City in this sharply funny portrait of Capital Hill seen through the eyes of an unusual new recruit.

Smart, hardworking and idealistic, Samantha Joyce is making her mark in Washington as a brilliant young analyst for an up-and-coming senator. But Sammy is also a tad eccentric. Ever since she was a child she's been obsessed with being prepared for anything, from fending off a sudden attack by wild animals on the run from a nearby zoo to practising dressing for work with only one arm, just in case. And when she's not rushing her Japanese fighting fish off for emergency resuscitation or making time to celebrate significant events like the 29th anniversary of 'The Partridge Family' series finale, she's encouraging her favourite telemarketers to call more often.

When Sammy falls for Aaron, a devastatingly handsome hotshot speech writer for a rival senator, she manages to juggle lobbying and the high stakes of a presidential election campaign with late night assignations like a pro, until she mistakenly broadcasts an email message meant for Aaron involving whipped cream and lingerie to 200 power players in Washington. But when the going gets really tough, Sammy proves she's better than all the rest by standing up for what she believes in - and beating the boys at their own game.

This is romantic comedy with bite, offering an alternately hilarious and fascinating fly-on-the-wall view of the West Wing from someone who really knows what goes on behind the scenes......

Emmy nominated comedy writer Kristin Gore is the daughter of Al and Tipper Gore. She has written for television shows like 'Saturday Night Live' and 'Futurama', as well as political speeches. This is her first novel.