Released through Downtown Records, Santogold?s self titled album has already caused a massive reaction by punters, media and artists alike. Born Santi White, Santogold merges her versatile voice with anthemic new wave inspired rock and dancehall tinged bass explosions. The result is a kaleidoscope of organic and synthetic sounds held together by her attitude-filled flow and a style that is utterly unique.

Santi White was born in Philadelphia, schooled at Wesleyan University where she studied Caribbean and West African drumming- sounds that are completely evident in her work today. The artist got her pseudonym in the 1980s from a friend?s nickname for her, yet developed an early aversion to performing when she was traumatised during a high school choral recital.

Whilst in Stiffed, Santogold was offered a solo contract by Martin Heath of Marrakesh Records, the label that discovered The Killers.

Santogold moved to New York in early 2005 after she lost her father and decided she needed to focus on her music and started to collaborate with the likes of Lily Allen, Marc Ronson, Spank Rock and Switch. She was also handpicked by Bjork to open for the Icelandic pop star when she recently played at New York?s Madison Square Garden. The show took place on Santi?s birthday and the crowd also sang to her.

While Santogold and producer/songwriter John Hill (aka Johnny Rodeo) formed the nucleus of this creation, the Santogold landscape is speckled with the flavour of DJ?s/Producers and underground fly kids who have railed behind them to deliver some all around hot stuff. With US Rolling Stones naming Santofold as one of the Top 10 Artists to watch in 2008, her album is clearly one of the most anticipated releases this year. They said she ?ultimately sounds like her own damn movement and its one the world will find hard to resist.?

Santogold uses her ever changing voice to motivate her angry, brave and ambitious lyrics and sound. Her music is ultimately a mix between modern day pop and hip-hop.