Radiator's Survival School

Radiator's Survival School

Radiator's Survival School

The Radiators dig deep to train young musicians

In what is a world first, a legendary rock band has opened a music survival school in Sydney. 80's rock legends The Radiators have more than a dozen top 10 hits to their name, have recorded 15 albums and still sell out venues across the country. They are using their rich wealth of experience to help the stars of tomorrow by opening the Radiator's Survival School in Sydney.

The fully equipped campus features a film studio, recording studio, computer labs and classrooms.Other music schools focus solely on a generic music curriculum, whilst The Radiator's SurvivalSchool goes well beyond this.

"We can't find anything like it anywhere in the world' Explains Mark Lucas from the Radiators. " all the existing schools teach established music curriculum. We go well beyond that, we teach how to make a living, put on a fantastic show, and survive the traps. This is a unique project, aimed at performance skills, music business and street smarts."

In the present climate having a knowledge of the workings (publishing, licensing, contract law) and the practical side of the Music industry, such as playing outside your genre, or promoting your band to the public and selling online is as imperative for young talents now than it has ever been.

Examples of the pitfalls are all around. Idol winner Damien Leith recently wished he had paid more attention to the recording contract he signed. He discovered to his dismay that he would not be receiving any of the $5m generated from the sale of his debut album 'The Winners Journey', despite writing two of the songs.

The full time school offers young musicians the chance to be coached and led by a roster of professional musicians, producers and technical trainers as well as The Radiators.

This merges accelerated learning with life coaching. The Musicians Masterclass programme is a full time course, and the college is located near Parramatta.

For more information please see: www.theradiators.com.au