Screw Loose

Screw Loose

This laugh-out-loud, original and chaotic tale of teenagers, dolls, dogs, football, baklava, first love, new love and one helluva party is the perfect book for people who never quite go about things the right way.

A motley group of teenagers try to navigate the school year:

I can catch tennis balls in my mouth

You may sneer but they all adore me.
Chelsea Dean

She's kinda cute but if she bites, try rubbing her tummy
Craig R

Go Cockies!
A. Tarano - chick magnet

I do own an elephant.

Sure, I threw up on his bedroom floor, but we're still an item.
Joshua Y

They shot me - but I don't know why.

I, like, kinda like cops

Chris Wheat grew up in Melbourne, where he still lives and works. He takes an active interest in politics and education and believes everyone has to do something to help save the planet. He has lived a life largely without trauma, although he has been attacked by a lemur, three German shepherds and a tribe of monkeys; been twice beaten up by gangs; had a meat pie thrown at him by a stranger; and has slept in an igloo - not all on the same day. He has published four novels for young adults: Two-Stroke Shane , Loose Lips , My Excellent Lives and Grinders . He is happy to be a vegetarian.

Screw Loose
Allen & Unwin
Author: Chris Wheat
ISBN: 9781741754957
RRP: $17.95