Secret Friends Stuff

Secret Friends Stuff

A book about the importance of Friendship 'My best friend suddenly won't talk to me and I don't know why.' 'Yesterday, a group of my so-called friends sniggered when I walked past. What's wrong with me?

' We all need friends. Without them, life would be pretty lonely and boring. Friends come in all shapes and sizes, ages and stages. You gradually learn about friendships by having some yourself. 'Friends are so important. I am still best friends with Ally, my best friend since grade six. She knows everthing there is to know about me, and I know everything about her. You can't replace a friend like that with anyone else.' Margaret Clark

Secret Friends Stuff
Random House Australia
Author: Margaret Clark
ISBN: 174166151X
Price: $16.95

"Nothing is new under the sun", so true. Although when you teen is going through the highs and lows of growing up they never see it like that. And you survived, so will they.....but why not help them through it by showing them they are not alone, and why human nature is what it is....

This collection of teen stories, fears &growing pains will ring true and help your teen through the learning curve that is growing up and establishing an identity.