She & Him Stay Awhile

She & Him Stay Awhile

She & Him Stay Awhile

Find the correct frequency and listen to She & Him's new track -Stay Awhile' on She & Him Radio (Here's a tip - It's between 1201AM and 1203AM)


-Stay Awhile', originally written and performed by the legendary Dusty Springfield, is the first single from She & Him's 5th release 'Classics".


-Stay Awhile' is available to purchase now when you pre-order 'Classics" on iTunes.


'Classics", set for release in Australia on December 5th, features timeless standards carefully selected by the duo Zooey Deschanel and M. Ward, 'She" & 'Him" respectively.


She & Him recorded the album live, allowing a spontaneity that captured the spirit of the songs in their truest form. Ward exercised his acute ear for string arrangements, co-arranging a full 20-piece orchestra. The result unfurls as thirteen classic cuts as heartbreaking as they are uplifting.


As well as Dusty Springfield's -Stay Awhile', 'Classics" features -Oh No Not My Baby', written by Gerry Goffin and Carole King and previewed in the album teaser in August, and 11 other vintage gems.



'Classics" trailer featuring -Oh No Not My Baby' - HERE


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