Sheldon Riley Again

Sheldon Riley Again

A superlative artist above anything, dark-pop star Sheldon Riley has returned with his latest single "AGAIN," a confession to self sabotage and torment. This orchestral and emotional new-age cinematic track has the heart of a SIA classic with the modern soundscapes from the likes of FKA Twigs. Riley's original music showcases his empathetic and impactful song writing abilities along with his exquisite and captivating vocals. 

Speaking on the track Sheldon said, "Again is about recognising self sabotage. I'm an artist who writes music about resolving pain, finding strength and confessing heart-ache. I wrote this song at a time where everything was going so great. I was working on myself, putting hurt behind me and found myself on a supported path where for the first time in a long time I felt a sense of control."

"AGAIN" gives an insight into Sheldon's own self sabotage and torment. A powerful introspective piece, the track looks deep into his inability to sustain happiness. A collaborative effort, the piece was Co-written by Riley and Australian Producer Cyrus Villanueva. The instrumentation and lyrics alike shed moments of light and dark, anger and confusion, following tentatively alongside the vocal to assist in telling Riley's story of recognising the damages of self doubt and sabotage.

"It was at that moment that I realised I'm actually very uncomfortable living in my own happiness, almost like I felt guilt in feeling so happy. I recognised that as someone who has quite the history of being let down, I had created my own comfort in expecting things won't go right and to never trust the possibility that happiness could be sustained," continues Sheldon.

"Ultimately not trusting people, expecting I'll be let down and things going wrong again and again now is a result of me sabotaging myself and my own happiness. Recognising that self sabotage and self torment is one of my greatest demons. I wrote this song as a confession, almost as I dive into exactly why.. why I put myself into this spiral and what stops me from changing."

Sheldon's mesmerising and emotional sound paired with his Avant-Garde, high fashion style have truly laid the foundation for a disruptive entry into the music industry making him one of Australia's most notable up and coming artists.

Sheldon released his debut single "More Than I" in late 2020, setting the tone for his original sound. Showcasing his captivating vocals, formidable songwriting abilities and exquisite style and soundscapes, "More Than I" is representative of Sheldon's own truth and the instincts and intuitions that co-exist. Riley released his sophomore single "Left Broken" which combined the worlds of luxury fashion and brooding dark pop music. The artwork for "Left Broken" features Sheldon wearing an exclusive  custom made mask from San Francisco based avant-garde fashion designer Lance Victor Moore (Lady Gaga, Mila Jovovich). The track was a polished, stylish sample of Sheldon Riley's genuine self that Rolling Stone Australia dubbed, "an intimate, unforgettable experience." 

At 22 years young, Sheldon Riley has forged a strong, authentic and inclusive path since establishing himself as a musician and artist to remember during his appearances on Australian and US television. Off the back of his stellar performances in Australia and the US, Sheldon has garnered significant praise and following with his original sound and style.

A singer songwriter from humble beginnings, Sheldon is a perfect example of pushing through adversity/pain and working  to live your truth and dreams.